2012 Extreme Thing All Shall Perish and Carnifex Interview

All Shall Perish

2012 Extreme Thing All Shall Perish and Carnifex Interview

Vegas24Seven and LVMETAL were very fortunate to be granted an interview with Bay Area deathcore/metal band All Shall Perish at the 2012 Extreme Thing Festival. As an added bonus we got to chat with San Diego Carnifex as well. Both bands put on an impressive show and the crowd really got into it with a huge pit that was pretty brutal. I know I got knocked around pretty good and I’m far from a rookie. The festival was quite a success with top acts on both main stages, a hopping side stage, great local talent on the XPOZ stage, a new dubstep stage and the sports side of the festival. There was plenty of youthful exuberance and craziness all day and into the night. It was well put together with great music, food and lots of fun.
The VitaminWater mainstage had the harder music we like and that’s where we caught up with All Shall Perish and Carnifex after they performed. Frontman Hernan (Eddie), guitarist Ben and Drummer Adam spoke about what a cohesive unit All Shall Perish is, how much they love performing together and where the band is headed. They have assembled a band with some of the best talent in their genre and it shows in their music. First timers in Vegas we can only hope that they will soon be back. They like performing for the young audiences because of their energy and appreciation of the aggressive music. The band is just beginning the tour supporting their 2011 CD “This Is Where It Ends” that goes to Europe near the end of July. Carnifex is touring with them again and seemed very glad of that. Both bands seem to co-exist well together and maybe thats why they are enjoying success together. Carnifex also had a 2011 release “Until I Feel Nothing” and both bands talked of going into the studio when they return from touring Europe for their next CD’s. All in all these guys were very easy to talk to, really love what they are doing and put on a great show. What more could you ask for? I look forward to seeing them perform again some time and checking on with them then.

Hernan “Eddie” Hermida – vocals

Ben Orum – rhythm guitar

Mike Tiner – bass guitar

Francesco Artusato – lead guitar

Adam Pierce – drums


Scott Lewis, Shawn Cameron, Cory Arford, Fred Calderon, Ryan Gudmunds

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