Announcing Artist Lineup for TRANSFIX, the World’s Largest Touring Immersive Art Experience, Beginning April 21 in Las Vegas

Announcing Artist Lineup for TRANSFIX, the World’s Largest Touring Immersive Art Experience, Beginning April 21 in Las Vegas

Built Across a Four Acre Multi-Level Venue, TRANSFIX Presents Nearly 50 Interactive Installations by International Artists Including Christopher Bauder & KiNK, Marco Cochrane, Foldhaus Collective, and Kate Raudenbush, Among Others

Tickets on Sale Now

TRANSFIX, the world’s largest touring immersive art experience, is pleased to announce the full artist lineup for its inaugural edition, launching April 21, 2023 at Resorts World Las Vegas. TRANSFIX will present nearly 50 interactive, kinetic, illuminated, and AI fire-breathing artworks by international artists such as Pablo González Vargas, Christopher Bauder & KiNK , Marco Cochrane, FoldHaus Collective, Kate Raudenbush, Christopher Schardt, PLAYMODES, Olivier Ratsi, HOTTEA, Charlie Gadeken, Ouchhh, Iregular, LedPulse, NONOTAK, HYBYKOZO and many more. Tickets are available for purchase here.


Designed to be an experience unlike any other, participants are invited to embark on their own 90 to 120 minute sensory journey through a 200,000 square-foot multi-level labyrinth. The venue, Resorts World Las Vegas, will feature art experiences ranging from monolithic, shapeshifting kinetics, mesmerizing tunnels, and mind-melting video installations to large-scale fire-breathing sculptures, ocular and sonic landscapes, and 10 artist-designed bars, hidden lounges, and speakeasies.


Highlights include: Kate Raudenbush’s transformative gathering space inspired by fractal geometry, As Above, So Below; Marco Cochrane’s giant metal sculpture of a woman aiming to challenge the audience’s perception of the female body, R-Evolution; Pablo González Vargas’s work ILUMINA where guests can take part in an immersive three-minute meditation using biometric technology to activate the massive sculpture by achieving group harmony; Christopher Bauder & KiNK’s AXION, a grid-like arrangement of light tubes and moving lights resembling a device for space exploration or particle detection; and the world premiere of a new sensory reset tunnel designed by PLAYMODES to take guests on an intergalactic journey.


Co-founded by experiential entrepreneurs Michael Blatter and Tom Stinchfield, TRANSFIX aims to build future art experiences that foster a global creative economy, build community, and support innovative art and artists of all backgrounds. Through a variety of live experiences ranging from art, light, sound, and video works, TRANSFIX strives to show the limitless potential of creative expression.


TRANSFIX tickets are on sale now. The experience will open to the public on April 21, 2023, and will run through Fall 2023. Following its Las Vegas residency, TRANSFIX will roll out globally, with plans to tour across major United States cities and abroad. If you are interested in covering or attending TRANSFIX Las Vegas, please email [email protected]




“The TRANSFIX mission is aligned with my own: to bring the experience of dynamic and immersive artworks to inspire, elevate, and connect each other. Art can be a conduit for social connection. The shared discovery of original creativity in real life invites that transcendent feeling of collective awe. Usually this large-scale art is difficult to show, but in the hands of the TRANSFIX team, together with the spirit and intention of the artists, it can become a creative wonderland, and a playground to reclaim our joy,” said Kate Raudenbush.


“What I love about art is the inspiration it evokes. I want to be inspired as many times in my life as possible — that and being in love are the two top experiences in this reality. When I go to an exposition, I am seeking that feeling and I think TRANSFIX will be the perfect place for that,” said Pablo González Vargas.


“I hope TRANSFIX becomes a business model that works so artists can make interactive art that is fun to be around and that sets a whole other place for creativity to happen. It is the opportunity we all have been talking about: to take it on the road and finally someone is doing it. I think TRANSFIX can have a profound effect on art and art making in general, in turn changing the world. People will be doing what they want, following their bliss, and seeing the magic in the world,” said Marco Cochrane.




  • A BIG ART Work by Devin Giles, Paul Magnuson, Matthew Waddell:The TUNNEL — BIG ART is a collective of artists that designs, builds, and promotes interactive works of wonder as a means of inspiring the next generation. Constructed from a series of cosmic structures, The TUNNEL is a channel of magical light and sound inviting visitors to embark on a journey beyond the known world into a more transformative existence.


  • Amigo & Amigo: Trumpet Flowers— Amigo & Amigo, an Australian artist collective founded by Simone Chua, will present Trumpet Flowers, an immersive musical garden of super-sized flowers that create a jungle of light, color, and sound where visitors can interact with keys that allow them to play each flower as a musical instrument.


  • Anya Zaytseva: HoneypotHoneypot is a 19ft tall inviting installation combining geometric purity, familiar imagery, and new-age form, to invoke a teapot modeled after the traditional Japanese tetsubin cast-iron teapots prevalent in the artist’s life.


  • Benjamin Langholz with Engineering by Amihay Gonen: Stone 10 Stone 10, an interactive work by artist Benjamin Langholz with engineering by Amihay Gonen, invites visitors to be completely present and challenge both their balance and sense of reality as they take a walk on a pathway of five 650 pound floating stones balanced on top of slender pipes.

Charles Gadeken / ENTWINED. Photo by Rajat Saksena. Courtesy of the artist and TRANSFIX.


  • Charles Gadeken: ENTWINEDENTWINED is a grove of five Africa-inspired trees with raised root tangles to climb and nestle into, as well as a canopy of light cubes with interactive programming above. Designed as a place to gather under shade during the day or play at night, this installation encourages visitors to interact with the art and with each other.


  • Charles Gadeken: HELIX Charles Gadeken, an industrial artist working in the Bay Area, will mount his fire artwork HELIX, a massive 25ft tree of light and spinning orbs of fire that embraces visitors as they sit under the glowing branches that twinkle like clusters of stars in the sky.


  • Christian Ristow: The Hand of Man— American artist Christian Ristow will exhibit his interactive sculpture, The Hand Of Man,which consists of an eight-meter long, hydraulically controlled human hand and forearm, capable of lifting and crushing a car, that is operated by visitors through the use of a control device in the form of a glove.


  • Christina Sporrong and Christian Ristow: Capsule — Sporrong and Ristow will introduce the second evolution of Capsule—a piece that during the pandemic served as a vessel for the hopes and fears of the community—which has now evolved to move on its own as the audience activates the sculpture, causing it to fold and unfold revealing illuminated glass. Capsulecatches the daylight and is illuminated at night to act as a beacon, reminding viewers there is growing light even in the darkest of times.

Christopher Bauder & KiNK / AXION. Photo by Ralph Larmann. Courtesy the artist and TRANSFIX.


  • Christopher Bauder & KiNK: AXION— German light artist Christopher Bauder (creator of DARK MATTER in Berlin) and Bulgarian composer KiNK will present AXION, a large-scale outdoor art installation exploring the ultimate horizon: Outer Space, through a grid-like arrangement of light tubes and moving lights synchronized to electronic music, creating a hypnotic experience of light and sound.


  • Christopher Schardt: ParalunaParaluna is an ambitious combination of kinetic sculpture, LEDs, and music. Made up of 48 aluminum spokes, each spoke has over 300 multi-colored LEDs, totalling at 14,238 individually-controllable pixels. The artist seeks to create sights and sounds that delight and surprise, while working in tandem with the surrounding environment.


  • Creo / Serge Maheu: CycleSerge Maheu hails from Quebec. Cycle is an artwork that was inspired by astronomy principles, such as the Saros cycle that predicts the movement and eclipses of the Moon and Sun. The circle-shaped structure diffuses two rings of light, inwards and outwards, which recalls the diffuse circular light during these eclipses, whether partial or total. Visitors can sit down or walk on the structure to activate different scenarios of light animation. An ambient cyclic music is evolving according to the level of interactivity with the artwork. An infinite variety of combinations offers users the opportunity to explore the visual and sound environment of the artwork


  • Darrell Ansted: Centered— Darrell Ansted, who has spent the last 32 years powder coating steel into unique works, will display his interactive day and night sculpture that consists of five steel rings each eight feet in diameter.


  • Darrell Ansted: AwakenAnsted transforms physical shapes into an awakened state of reflection, impermanence and connection to oneness and self. He uses steel materials, asking the witness to reflect, see, or remember inherent physical, mental, or spiritual gifts in a previously unseen way.


  • Dave Keane: Paradisium— Irish born artist Dave Keane will present his interactive work, Paradisium, which features a grove of geometric trees reborn out of the ashes of the recycled and reclaimed lumber the artist collected around the Bay Area.


  • David Oliver: PETALED PORTAL David Oliver, a Ventura-based artist currently working from Arizona, will present his work PETALED PORTAL. First bound for Burning Man 2020 and born out of a 2019 piece called PORTAL, this installation acts as an entrance into a state of soul-searching through its portal-like design.


  • Earl Stirling: Pyrograph— Interdisciplinary sculptor Earl Stirling will present his fire-art installation Guests can gather around a low basin and swing a pendulum that draws patterns in a bed of sand where flames then emerge in the paths creating fire vortexes and an elevated campfire experience.


  • Eric Coolidge: Autumn Spire — Eric Coolidge, artist and fabricator based out of Brooklyn, will present Autumn Spire. This 20ft gothic-inspired, steel sculpture is inspired by the natural balance of organic and geometric properties in nature, and aims to provoke nostalgia for the passage of time as visitors can project the colors of Autumn upon the night.


  • Fez BeGaetz of Alchemy Arts Collective: Helianthus Enorme — Fez BeGaetz of Alchemy Arts Collective, a production and fabrication studio specializing in immersive experiences, will present Helianthus Enorme—a giant sunflower glowing with swirling LED lights that visitors can congregate under and experience this illuminating megaflora.


  • FoldHaus Collective: Shrumen Lumen— FoldHaus Collective, an art collective based out of both the US and Germany, will present Shrumen Lumen—a garden of origami mushrooms with caps that expand and contract from a flat umbrella portobello to a bulbous cap when visitors activate them, creating a surprising and delightful experience.


  • Gabriel Pulecio (AKA lustix): Infinity V3 (Tiles of Virtual Space)— Multidisciplinary new media artist Gabriel Pulecio (AKA lustix) will present Infinity V3 (Tiles of Virtual Space), an interactive installation that transforms a finite space into a vast, endless expansion using light and sound reflected across the installation, creating an optical illusion of an infinite space.


  • Hayden Harrison: Orbit Orbit is an interactive, light and sound installation where participants are invited to manipulate sound and light patterns, traveling around a sphere to find symmetries (or chaos) within these systems.


  • HOTTEA: Murmuration— The Emmy award-winning installation artist HOTTEA works with yarn to create installations that bring attention to neglected and forgotten spaces. For TRANSFIX, HOTTEA creates a new site-specific installation using hundreds of wooden dowels to give viewers a sense of movement that is often found within nature.


  • HYBYCOZO: Point of View — The collaborative duo from Canada and the Ukraine creates works that celebrate the beauty of geometric form and pattern, and are composed in ways that harmonize the experience of sculpture, light, and shadow. Point of Viewis a geometric installation with a pattern inspired by folk art, cross stitching, and embroidery patterns from Ukraine, Filipchuk’s birthplace.

Iregular / Control no Control. Photo by Brian Medina. Courtesy of the artist and TRANSFIX.


  • Iregular: CONTROL NO CONTROLMontreal-based digital art studio Iregular creates audiovisual installations, large-scale sculptures, architectural projections and scenographies with a focus on the interaction between art and participants. Originally created in 2011 for Igloofest, CONTROL NO CONTROL takes the form of a minimalistic geometric structure true to Iregular’s signature style.


  • Kate Raudenbush: As Above, So Below New York-based artist Kate Raudenbush will present her transformative gathering space, As Above So Below. Inspired by the fractal geometry of Sierpinski icosahedrons, this light installation welcomes all to contemplate the humbling potential of existence in the here and now.


  • Ken Hacke: Peace Under PressurePeace Under Pressure by Canadian artist Ken Hacke is an installation that showcases a unique combination of fire and serenity, with a mediating figure surrounded by a ball of flames. Constructed from twenty-four slices of acrylic created a layered effect, this piece serves as a visual representation of finding peace among chaos.

LedPulse / DragonO². Photo provided by artist. Courtesy of the artist and TRANSFIX.


  • LedPulse: DragonO²— LedPulse, founded by Danilo Grande and Benny Lai, will present DragonO² – the world’s most advanced volumetric LED display that invites visitors to transcend as they witness a collective experience made of light particles that emulate humanity and its biological components in three dimensions.

Marco Cochrane / R-Evolution. Photo by George Krieger. Courtesy of the artist and TRANSFIX.


  • Marco Cochrane: R-EvolutionR-Evolution is the third and final sculpture in artist Marco Cochrane’s series of three monumental sculptures first debuted at Burning Man 2015. Created using a Pantograph (a medieval-era enlargement tool), this giant metal sculpture of a woman seeks to challenge the viewer to see past the sexual charge that has been developed around the female body, and instead see a human being.


  • Matt McConnell: Evolution Field— Sculptor and designer Matt McConnell will present Evolution Field – an interactive undulating wall with intense moire patterns that create a valley of colorful light with glowing curbed vertical landscapes.


  • Melanie Armer: Sisyphus 2.0Sisyphus 2.0, inspired by the ancient Greek myth, is a playful yet challenging interactive game by New York-based artist Melanie Armer with audio and game design by Stephen Moore. Participants control the sounds and bring the tones into sync via a seven-foot steel sphere that twinkles in the darkness; startling in its simplicity, Sisyphus 2.0speaks directly to the very human experience of trial and error and measured success, achieved by deep listening and coordinating efforts among a group of players.


  • NONOTAK:custom — This Paris-based creative duo founded by former visual artist Noemi Schipfer and former architect-musician Takami Nakamoto will present a dreamlike environment encompassing light, sound, and space to provide audiences with a unique visual and sensory experience.


  • Olivier Ratsi: Onion SkinFrench visual artist Olivier Ratsi’s works serve as a catalyst for different points of view and present reality, time, and space as a series of intangible informative notions. Onion Skin is a new immersive installation reflecting on the decomposition of time and space. Built around a progressive structure made up of four parts lasting 14 minutes in total, the piece plays on the principle of repetition and scale to create a physical and hypnotic experience that opens doors onto the hidden and untouchable.


  • Ouchhh:AI DATAMONOLITHOuchhh is a global creative new media studio and cutting-edge innovator in the art-science-technology community with headquarters in Istanbul. Through the use of generative modeling and various algorithms, Ouchhh has created a new data monolith meant to learn from Göbeklitepe data, which dates back to Pre-Pottery Neolithic B (PPNB) —hailed as the epicenter of history.

Pablo González Vargas / ILUMINA. Photo by Nicholas K Hess. Courtesy the artist and TRANSFIX.


  • Pablo González Vargas: ILUMINA ILUMINA by Mexico City based artist Pablo González Vargas is a three-minute long meditation and flow exercise in which guests are invited to take part, ushering them into a state of coherence and deep harmony. Biometric sensors are connected to the earlobes of each participant measuring the group’s unique state of coherence. As the group becomes more in sync with each other, the dazzling lighting design and moving soundscapes respond to this unique algorithm glowing brighter as harmony is achieved.


  • PLAYMODES: STELLAR Beyond Playmodes, an audiovisual research studio based near Barcelona, will share their study of visual and auditory perspective, This 35m long, immersive tunnel allows visitors to experience sound and scale in a whole new way; playing with spatial perception, Beyond drives the audience into a “travel without moving” experience.


  • Pneuhaus and Bike Powered Events: CanopyCanopy is a grove of illuminated tree-like sculptures that continuously transform, illuminating and expanding as participants power them with bike-driven generators. Canopy empowers its visitors by giving them a first hand experience of green electricity generation. Canopy‘s players are invited to pedal and watch their efforts transform into large-scale beauty and wonder.


  • Todd Moyer Designs: Fluidic — Todd Moyer Designs will present Fluidic, an interactive, projection-mapped video artwork in which people’s motions churn digital lava lamp-like particles into motion on a screen. lava lamps on a screen.


  • Todd Moyer Designs: ThistlesThistles is an interactive installation which features stylized thistle flower sculptures inspired by fiber-optic lamps of the 80s with flexible acrylic rods, LEDs, and fluorescent lights.


  • tyson ayers and the Sound Cave Project: 5 Elements Tea House: Ether 5Elements Tea House Ether – Piano Resonanceis a participatory, musical art installation that allows visitors to experience transformative sound journeys and find their own musicality.


  • Zachary Coffin: Throne— Zachary Coffin has been creating large-scale kinetic and interactive sculptures for over 25 years. Throne invites audiences to play with a giant boulder, exploring the boundary between art and viewer, and the ways in which humans can interact with a large mass in motion.



TRANSFIX is the world’s largest immersive art experience, presenting over 50 monumental installations by the most innovative artists of today. Launching April 2023 at Resorts World Las Vegas, TRANSFIX features a labyrinth of art, light, sound, and video works across a 200,000 square-foot multi-level venue, inviting participants to embark on their own adventure. Co-founded by Michael Blatter and Tom Stinchfield, TRANSFIX aims to build future art experiences that foster a global creative economy, build a strong community, and support innovative art and artists of all backgrounds, while encouraging participation and inspiring personal creative discovery.





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Announcing Artist Lineup for TRANSFIX, the World’s Largest Touring Immersive Art Experience, Beginning April 21 in Las Vegas
Announcing Artist Lineup for TRANSFIX, the World’s Largest Touring Immersive Art Experience, Beginning April 21 in Las Vegas