Blue Monday – January 26th Does Not Have to Be The “Most Depressing Day Of The Year” – The Art Of Herbs To Save The Day

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Most Depressing Day of Year? Not With ‘The Art of Herbs’ Readily Available.There are many that believe Monday, January 26, 2015 is “Blue Monday” or the “Most Depressing Day of the Year.”

And while science may discount it, there is no doubt that the days are dark, the winter’s cold, holiday credit card bills are in-hand and New Year’s resolutions are slipping away.



BioTerra Herbs –

While the best antidote is to be active and get up and out into some daylight, for those looking for a non-prescription solution, there is “Boing” — BioTerra Herbs Energy, a non-GMO dietary supplement that improves energy without stimulants and can be found in select WalMart and Walgreen Stores. A 60-capsule bottle costs about $19.



There’s also HERBTHEORY “Stress & Sleep” that helps you feel less stressed and sleep better, especially when you’re feeling blue. You also may want to pop some “Mental Agility”, which helps improve memory and attention if the blues are distracting you. Available at select Whole Foods and regional stores. One month supply runs about $28 each.




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