Bring out your inner rebel with Redken’s NEW #ColorRebel hair makeup!


Shake. Twist. Play.
Bring out your inner rebel with Redken’s NEW
#ColorRebel hair makeup!


The color trend is taking over this year! From Katy Perry’s bold blue to Rachel McAdams’ pastel pink and Nicole Richie’s pretty purple, celebrities and trendsetters alike are making bold style statements with their haircolor. Now you can make your hair your most versatile fashion accessory thanks to Redken’s NEW Color Rebel hair makeup. Available in five stylish shades, Color Rebel allows you to change your look in a minute – the only limit is your imagination!

“Color Rebel is great for creating trendy hair looks that so many of the younger designers are after,” says Guido, Redken Creative Consultant. “I love that I can now incorporate color into my styles to make the hair a true work of art, whether it’s adding just a soft splash of color or creating a design that really enhances the fashions.”

#ColorRebel Technology

Using makeup technology with direct color pigments, Color Rebel deposits a very fine colored micro-coating on the surface of the hair, making it resistant against water and mechanical aggressors, such as brushing, blowdrying or flatironing. The hydrophobic nature of its micro-coating limits modification or transfer due to water. Water slides along the surface of the hair fibers coated by Color Rebel.

  • Pearlescent pigments create multi-dimensional iridescent color effects
  • Water-based ink allows for easy flow through the sponge applicator and dries quickly
  • Polymer duo limits the transfer of color and coats each hair individually without clumping
  • Clay allows the polymer duo to disperse in water for a fluid application and ultra-thin coating


You can use Color Rebel to achieve the look you want in just a few easy steps.

1. Prime the product by shaking well and twisting the cap in the direction of the arrows until the tip is saturated.
2. Apply Color Rebel to clean or day-after hair by gently pulling sections taut and applying in a smooth sweeping motion. Start with a light layer – you can always add more to build color intensity.
3. Simply let hair air dry or blowdry for faster results. Keep combing or brushing to a minimum after applying as this will break up the color pigments.

For a more subtle effect, dispense just a drop of product on the sponge tip applicator and use longer sweeping motions to apply the color in one thin layer to a smaller section of hair. Gently comb or brush each section to break up the color pigments.

#HairMakeup Hues

What Color Rebel shade do you want to be?

  • Red-y to Rock: True red
  • Rebel Without a Coral: Punchy coral
  •  Punked Up Pink: Fuchsia pink
  • Purple Riot: Bright purple
  •  Gilty as Charged: Gold Shimmer
  •  Limited Edition! Silver Glitter Spray

    Ready to remove? Color Rebel washes out after two shampoos, but if you want to remove instantly, you can do so in two easy ways. Simply wash hair with Redken Hair Cleansing Cream or apply a drop of Redken Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine or All Soft Argan-6 Multicare Oil to the area where you would like to remove the color and rub the hair between your fingers until the color pigment dissolves.

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Bring out your inner rebel with Redken’s NEW #ColorRebel hair makeup!

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