Career Breaks … the new vacation?

Career Breaks … the new vacation?

Oct. 18 marks nationwide event designed to educate workforce on how to realize travel dreams

Ever dreamed of taking six months off to go to another country? Or to travel and see the world beyond Nevada? On Tuesday, Oct. 18, Meet, Plan, Go! (MPG) is hosting a local event in Las Vegas to teach the community the ins and outs of making a career-break a reality.

The event, which takes place from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at 3085 East Russell Road, features four panelists – two career breakers, a life coach and a financial advisor. The discussion will focus on everything from first-hand experiences to the intricacies of planning a career break, to determining if a career break is right for the individual. The goal? To let people know they can take a career break.

“Because we live in a society that doesn’t find value in taking time off, we wanted to create a community for people who do want to break out of the norm and travel for an extended period of time,” said MPG co-founder Sherry Ott.

Panelists for the event are:

– Abby Tegnelia, editor of Vegas Magazine/travel blogger, former ex-pat (expatriate)

– Diana Edelman, public relations professional/travel blogger, former long-term traveler

– Judy Irving, life coach

– Becky Buckley, certified financial planner

“When assembling the panel I wanted to make sure attendees could come away from the evening with a firm idea of what to expect from a career break, along with the tools necessary to do something of this magnitude,” said JoAnna Haugen, MPG’s localhost. “This event is designed to offer participants the opportunity to meet inspirational speakers and like-minded travelers; get motivation, contacts and resources necessary to plan the trip of a lifetime; and to start taking concrete steps forward to go on an adventure.”

In addition to offering tools and resources for planning a career break, they will also address the main concerns that prevent people from taking a career break, usually centered around financial, career-related, societal, and safety concerns.

Today, career breaks are becoming more and more of an option for workers. Last year, more than 2,400 people registered for the inaugural MPG event – 23 percent of which were in a trip planning stage pre-event. In a post-event survey, that number rose to 41 percent. “We want career breaks to be more acceptable in America,” says co-founder Michaela Potter. “In fact, we would love to see a career break on every resume. And with the support of our 17 inspiring hosts, their panelists, and our sponsors, including Intrepid Travel, we are making great inroads to achieving that goal.”

In addition to the Las Vegas event, this year’s MPG locations include: Austin, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Honolulu, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New Orleans, New York City, Orlando, Portland, San Francisco, Seattle, St. Louis, Washington DC and Toronto.
Registration for the nationwide event is currently open. For more information, or to register:

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