Celebrity visit from Kristen Ruhlin from “She Wants Me” and Daniel Nguyen of Oxygen’s Tori and Dean Homesweet Hollywood

Kristen Ruhlin who is the lead of the film — also recently voted as one of the next actresses to watch by Cannes as well as her supporting castmates Daniel Nguyen who is also on Oxygen’s number one show ” Tori and Dean Homesweet Hollywood”, Tenille Houston from How I met your mother and GCB and Janna Vanheertum from the movie “Elle” will be hosting a night at MGM’s TABU on April 20,


Up coming film: Female Lead SHE WANTS ME(with Josh Gad, Hilary Duff, Melonie Diaz and Aaron Yoo), STUCK(with Madazline Zima), Female Lead MISSING CHILD(2012), Female Lead DARKHIGHWAY(2012)

Improv: UCB(Up Right Citizens Birgade NYC), Start Trekkin Comic Con Sponsored Improv Troupe

NY Theatre: The O’Neil Readings at Yale, The Danaides(Provincetown Playhouse), The Barrymore Chair(The Players Club)

Press: Small Screen Scoop review “an instant I want to be one to watch..” ,

Daniel Nguyen

Up coming film: SHE WANTS ME(with Josh Gad, Hilary Duff, Melonie Diaz and Aaron Yoo, Kristen Ruhlin)
TV: TNT’s Men of a Certain Age

Upcoming TV Series: Tori and Dean: Homesweet Hollywood airing ( NOVEMBER 29) Talk show correspondent for Tori’s talk show

Press: Variety Magazine “Hilary Duff Joins She Wants Me” Hollywood Insider Magazine “Daniel Ngyen of Tori and Dean..” OMG YAHOO “Who Knew” House of Glam “Daniel Nguyen of Gafferdash”, Channel APA “Super Fan Dan on Tori and Dean”, Reality TV Magazine ” Tori and Dean VS Candy Spelling” “Got Mommy Wood” Rafu Shimpo “Feast for the East to Benefit Japan” One Piece “..Daniel Nguyen of Tori and Dean comes out to support” Drive out Hunger ” Daniel Nguyen comes to help a lending hand” CLN “Celebrities Come out for Celebrity Poker Event”EcoStiletto “Celebrity Guest Daniel…”



Up Coming film: Female Lead DARK HIGHWAY(2012), supporting roles in She Wants Me and The Weekend (starring Mikey Rourke & Laura Vandervoot).
Upcoming TV Series: How I Met Your Mother, and 2 new pilots ABC’s G.C.B. ( starring Leslie Bibb and Kristin Chenoweth) & NBC’s Bad Girls (starring Amy Smart)

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