Curls to Crave – 5 Tips for Styling Naturally Curly Hair

Curls to Crave – 5 Tips for Styling Naturally Curly Hair


People are ALWAYS looking to transform curls so they are defined and frizz-free.  Meghan Hopkins, Artist with Pureology Serious Colour Care and stylist at Cobalt Blue Salon (Austin, TX) has these 5 Tips for Styling Naturally Curl Hair that will deliver CURLS to CRAVE!


5 Tips for Styling Naturally Curly Hair

1. Never rough dry curly hair, it explodes the cuticle and creates frizz. Instead, blot with a soft towel, cotton shirt or pillow case to remove moisture and keep curls in tact.

2. Apply product in sections to ensure even application. Use 1” horizontal sections for dense curly hair and 2” for curly to wavy hair. Start in the nape to ensure even saturation and distribution. Pureology Style + Care Infusion Curl Compete is a great definer for super tight texture to lazy curls.

3. Use a comb for the final distribution of product and then reform curls in hands by gently wrapping around fingers or cupping and squeezing before moving on to next section. For lazier curls, twist the hair and leave to create a soft sculpted wave.

4. NEVER run fingers through hair after product has been applied, it will deconstruct the curl pattern and rough up the cuticle causing fizz.

5. If using a diffuser, set dryer on a low speed with high heat and lift hair at roots with fingers to create space at the base, but do not run fingers through hair, it will dilute the curl and make hair fuzzy.

Credits: Hair/Megan Hopkins; Photographer/Cam Camerena; Makeup/Reiva Cruze.


Meghan Hopkins has been a hairdresser for over a decade and is currently an artist with Pureology Serious Colour Care working at Cobalt Blue Salon (Austin, TX), a Redken Elite Salon. She has a passion for learning and is committed to an evolving system of education, artistry and experience, focusing on color, updos, finishing and design. She teaches nationally, as well as at Cobalt Blue Salon, and turns to advanced education, industry icons and mentors to keep current on the latest trends, tips and techniques. Philosophy: “If you know the “why” and “how” then the options for creativity are endless.” Accolades: Redken Master Stylist, Level 4, Elite Redken Color and Design Certifications, Cinderella Extensions Certified, Artist with Pureology Serious Colour Care (NYC), attends and teaches classes nationally and at Cobalt Blue, work had been published in media outlets such as Italian Vogue. Instagram: @meghanhopkins1; Facebook: @ meghanhopkinshairart @cobaltbluesalon and Twitter: @Cobalt_Blue_ATX.

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Curls to Crave - 5 Tips for Styling Naturally Curly Hair

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