FILTER Premiere’s The Knux’s “She’s So Up (Jacob Plant Remix)”

MP3: The Knux Gets ‘Up’ With A Jacob Plant Remix (FILTER Premiere)

New Orleans born but LA dwelling hip-hop/electro-rock dup The Knux have been hard at work on their yet-to-be titled follow up to 2009’s Remind Me in 3 Days… and below, you can find a remix of their first single by Jacob Plant.

The remix of “She’s So Up” turns the hip-hop punk tune into a club ready dance beater that sledge-hammers the main beats with pumped drums and start-stop electro-rock dubstep.

Below, you can stream the remix and watch its video. You can also watch the original video after the jump.

No set date yet on the new album but we will keep you posted.

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