Goodwill wants you to Dump Your X’s Stuff: Anti-Valentine’s Day Donation Drive

Goodwill of Southern Nevada

Goodwill wants you to Dump Your X’s Stuff
Anti-Valentine’s Day Donation Drive kicks off today

Turn your ill-will towards an ex into Goodwill this Valentine’s Day.

Between now and February 14, simply bring all that stuff that an ex-boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse left at your place after the split to one of Goodwill of Southern Nevada’s more than forty donation centers as part of Goodwill’s annual “Dump Your X’s Stuff” donation drive.

Goodwill will also accept “gently used” items that may remind you of him or her – like a DVD of “our movie”. The necklace he gave you for an anniversary. Or the sweater she gave you for that ski trip.

By turning hate into donate, donors will get a warm and fuzzy feeling in their hearts about helping Goodwill fund job placement programs in Southern Nevada. Plus, don’t forget about that donation receipt and tax write off. (Just make sure your ex has officially been dumped before dumping any stuff, okay?)

Donations of “gently used” goods are sold in Goodwill of Southern Nevada retail stores and fund programs like Career Connections, which helped a record 1800 people in our community find employment in 2012.

For a donation center near you please visit:

All items donated to Goodwill of Southern Nevada as part of the Dump Your X’s Stuff donation drive must be the sole property of the donor. Goodwill of Southern Nevada and participating partners are not liable for items donated that do not belong to the individual donating.

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