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“Hair masques can actually be more beneficial than regular conditioners because while conditioners tend to rest on the surface of a strand, a masque works its way inside the hair cuticle, giving hair nourishment from the inside out,” says Pureology Artistic Ambassador Ruth Roche. “Think of a hair masque as a facial for the hair. Like face masks, hair masques should be tailored to your specific needs in order to get the best results and reap all of the benefits. A majority of Pureology’s systems have a masque that complement the shampoo and condition to further amplify the results you will see from using the system.”


Unsure which masque suits your needs? Follow Ruth’s attached suggestions to find the perfect hair masque for you and you’ll be on the fast track to healthy, hydrated hair! Visit or to find a salon in your area where you can buy Pureology products or book your next salon appointment.


“I recommend incorporating a masque into your regimen once per week. Replace your condition with a masque, leave on for 2-5 minutes, then rinse. Voila!” – Pureology Artistic Ambassador, Ruth Roche

⦁ One size fits all!
Pureology’s Colour Fanatic Instant Deep-Conditioning Mask, which launches in August, is a new territory we are seeing in the realm of masques. This mask is the first multi-tasking rinse-out treatment of its kind that provides 21 benefits to the hair including heat protection, UV filters and frizz and static control. You name it and this masque does it!

⦁ Damaged hair or growing your hair out?
Pureology’s Strength Cure Restorative Masque is an intense masque that builds strength and elasticity to help prevent further damage to the hair. I always recommend Strength Cure to my clients who have heavily-coloured hair or if they’re trying to grow out their hair. For deep repair, ask your local salon for an in-salon treatment using the Strength Cure masque.

⦁ Curly girls with colour-treated hair
Pureology’s Curl Complete Moisture Melt Masque is the answer. The masque’s formula envelopes every hair fiber with curve-enhancing polymers to create the perfect richly-moisturized curl or wave. It works wonders to give each curly-hair type the exact hydration it needs.

⦁ Thirsty hair in need of a pick-me-up?
Hydrate HydraWhip moisturizes and replenishes parched strands without weighing the hair down. It’s a very concentrated way to naturally condition the hair, and you can’t be the luxurious aromatherapy scent!

⦁ Looking lackluster?
Precious Oil Softening Hair Masque features coconut oil and sunflower seed oil which together, fortifies the hair cuticle and gives the hair an incredible luminosity.

⦁ Blonder and stronger
For damage blonde hair that has been high-lifted or highlighted, or needs some TLC after the summer, Perfect 4 Platinum Reconstruct Repair Masque contains 15x more Keravis – nature’s most powerful anti-breakage hair fortifier – to improve hair’s elasticity and provide softness and shine.

Article Name
Hair masque 101 with Pureology
Hair masks can be intimidating to many people. With misconceptions that they weigh the hair down, can’t be used on thin hair or should only be used in the winter, Pureology Artistic Ambassador Ruth Roche is here to set the record straight.

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