HORMETA Switzerland Skin Care in Harrah’s Las Vegas



HORMETA Skincare

Product List

Cleansing, Cleaning, Toning
Cleansing Beauty Milk
Cleansing Milk for Eyes
Herb Skin Freshener Tonic
Gentle Skin Freshener Tonic with Orange Flower
Gentle Foaming Cleanser

Restructuring and Anti-Wrinkle Line
FEMINISSIME High Redefinition Cream
FEMINISSIME High Redefinition Serum
Restructuring Cream with MCP ® Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream
Collagen Tri-Logic Anti-Wrinkle Collagen Night Cream
Eye Contour Gel with Time Release Anti-Age Encapsulates
Eye Contour Gel Mask
Lip Design Smoothing and Re-Plumping Care
#7 Special Cream for around the Eyes
Anti-Wrinkle Hydro-Active Serum N°8
Radiance Gel with lifting effect
Smooth & White Hand Treatment with Swiss Alps Plant Extract

Anti-Aging Revitalizing Line
ARL Stress Capture Essential Cream
ARL Stress Capture Essential Drops
ARL Stress Capture Essential Mask

Gentle Care Line for Sensitive and Blemished Skin
ARL Stress Capture Essential Cream
Gentle Skin Cream with Ginkgo Extract Capture
ARL Essential Gentle Skin Mask with Ginkgo Extract
Gentle Skin Freshener Tonic
Ampoules Number 9 for Red Blemished Skin

Youthful Normal Skin Line
Lipo-Carrot and Edelweiss Cream-Protective Day Care
Infini Nutrinuit Hormeta with Macadamia oil
Hormesmasque Moisturizing Beauty Mask
Moisturizing Cream with Trace Elements for Dry/Dehydrated Skin
Hydro Mineral Light Moisturizing Fluid with Trace Elements

Impurity and Oily Skin Line
HORMETA Cleansing Beauty Milk Protective Day Care
HORTMETA Gentle Foaming Cleanser
HORMETA Herb Skin Freshener Tonic
Anti-Shine Day Cream with Tea Tree Oil
Night Rebalancing Fluid

Other Specific Products
Peeling Scrub with Exfoliating Micro-Beads
Gentle Peeling – Eliminate Dead Cells
Skin Clearing Cream
Moisturizing & Firming Body Cream
VOILE NACRE Radiant Body Dry Oil



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