King of the Cage Announces Fight Card for Upcoming World Amateur Championships in Las Vegas

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King of the Cage is proud to announce the fighters and matchups of who will compete in Las Vegas for the World Amateur Championships at Palms Casino Resort on Saturday, October 19. The top five (5) fighters of the evening will receive professional fighting contracts totaling $250,000. The World Amateur Championships is a first of its kind event with fighters from all over the world competing for their chance to become a professional MMA fighter for King of the Cage .The event is sponsored by Lucas Oil and will be broadcast live on MAV TV.

To kick off the events, King of the Cage will host a press conference at Palms Casino Resort on Friday, October 18 at 1 p.m. inside The Lounge to introduce a number of featured fighters, announce the final fight card and discuss plans for the future of World Amateur Championships through 2014 and beyond. Media credentialing for the World Amateur Championships events on October 19 will begin at the press conference.

The LIVE broadcast will begin @ 6 p.m. PST. Viewer online voting, which will help determine the champions along with professional judges, will commence immediately following the first fight and continue until the last fight. The five winners will be announced immediately following the last fight.

The event will be broadcast live on MAV TV, Direct TV and Dish Network. Check with your local provider for the cable channel in your area.




DAVID HERNANDEZ (CA)                        145 LBS                         TBA
TBA                                                                 155 LBS                         RYAN DELA CRUZ (HI)
SAM HESS (AZ)                                            135 LBS                         JAY BOLOS (HI)
JJ TORRES (NV)                                          170 LBS                         ANTHONY MINJARES (CA)
DANIELLE TAYLOR (CA)                         115 LBS                         SAMANTHA HESTER (CA)
FRANK SCHUMAN (WI)                            170 LBS                         JULIO CASILLAS (MN)
SAAD UL-HASSAN (CA)                             155 LBS                         AARON WILLIAMS (CA)
MICAH ABREU (HI)                                    155 LBS                         LEOBARDO AGUIRRE (CA)
TOLU AGUNBIADE (TX)                            155 LBS                         JUSTIN SANDER (CANADA)
CHRISTOPHER PADILLA (CA)                 155 LBS                         ENRIQUE GUERRA (MN)
CHASE WHITE (MI)                                    170 LBS                         DANIEL CUISON (NV)
JON LOFTIN (CA)                                        185 LBS                         THOMAS JACOBS (WA)
DEVON SMITH (CANADA)                        205 LBS                         TBA
ALEX ROCKSTROM (WA)                         135 LBS                         MARK COATES (ID)
JIMMY JORDAN (MO)                                145 LBS                         QUINTON COOPERIDER (OH)
MATTHEW MCCRAY (NV)                        265 LBS                         ANTHONY MCDONALD (OR)
JASON POWELL (MO)                               145 LBS                         SHANE O’REGAN (AZ)
JUSTIN ROBINSON (TX)                            265 LBS                         LOUIS HARVEY (AZ)
LONNIE MORRISON (HI)                          135 LBS                         JOSH CARTER (TN)
BRENT JAMES (NM)                                   135 LBS                         CRISTOBAL DAVILA (NM)


About King of the Cage
King of the Cage is a mixture of several different martial arts, which pits one person’s martial arts style versus another. It is a full contact sport, which has slowly but surely made its way to the mainstream public and most importantly into our living rooms every day. Today, King of the Cage is available weekly to over 50 million homes in the United States on cable and satellite television and also airs in more than 60 countries worldwide which include Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Mongolia, Thailand, South Africa, and most of Europe to name a few.  After performing 400+ events of blood, sweat and tears, King of the Cage has proven to be an integral part in the evolution of Mixed Martial Arts. No other production has promoted more fights than King of the Cage. KOTC has and continues to promote hundreds of shows throughout the world, including 17 of the United States and far-reaching countries such as: England, Singapore, South Africa, Canada, Japan, and Australia. King of the Cage has been a career staple for countless stars:  Forrest Griffin, Quinton Rampage Jackson, Rashad Evans, Krazy Horse, Keith Jardine, Mac Danzig, Urijah Faber, Joe Stevenson, and Diego Sanchez.  Sustainability is the key factor in any production, King of the Cage continues to operate because of a multitude of key factors with one of the most important being its allegiance to the fighters and the fans. King of the Cage is one of the founding fathers of not only a Sport, but a Lifestyle! <> .


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