Las Vegas’ Sky Combat Ace Invites Dads & Grads to Let their Dreams Take Flight


Sky Combat Ace Puts Dads & Grads in the Pilot’s Seat with a Special Offer

 In celebration of recent graduates and the forthcoming Father’s Day holiday, Las Vegas’ Sky Combat Ace (SCA) is offering dads and grads its popular Afterburner package at an exclusive rate of $299. With the glittering Strip and desert mountains as a backdrop, the incredible aerial joyride and heart-thumping action will make this Father’s Day or Graduation gift one that won’t soon be forgotten. Packages must be booked by the end of June and are redeemable through December 2012.

Delivering the thrill of a lifetime, SCA’s Afterburner package lets dads and grads’ dreams of flying like a real fighter pilot take flight, allowing them to check one more thing off of their already long list of accomplishments. Each guest is paired with one of SCA’s expert flight instructors for a wild aerobatic flight in an Extra 330LC full of non-stop spins, barrel rolls, hammerheads and loops high above Las Vegas.

Sky Combat Ace’s Afterburner Experience includes:

  • Complimentary Transportation
  • 15-Minute Aerobatic Briefing
  • 25-Minute Aerobatic Thrill Ride
  • Flight with a Trained Fighter Pilot
  • Pull up to 8x the Force of Gravity
  • Basic Aerobatics: (Loops / Rolls / Stalls / Hammerheads)
  • Advanced Aerobatics (Extra 330): (Spins / Snap Rolls / Tumbling)
  • Access to SCA Heritage Museum

Book the special Dads & Grads Afterburner package via phone at 888-494-5850 or online and mention the code Dadsandgrads. 

Click here to learn what SCA has to offer or watch the video below to watch the experience first-hand

Sky Combat Ace offers Nevada’s only aerial dogfighting experience. Sky Combat Ace pairs you up with actual fighter pilots to learn the art of basic fighter maneuvering. You can fly with just the fighter pilot or take on one of your friends and test your skills against an equally matched adversary. Under the supervision of SCA’s highly trained fighter pilot instructors, you are the one at the controls, you are the one squeezing the trigger and you get the satisfaction of scoring a hit on your opponent. Safety is the top priority at Sky Combat Ace. SCA pilots have amassed a perfect safety record with zero accidents or incidents. All of the pilots are chosen for their experience and unique qualifications that make them the best in the business.

Sky Combat Ace flies 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Sky Combat Ace is located at 1420 Jet Stream Dr. Henderson, Nevada 89052. For more information or to book your reservation, call 888-494-5850 or email Keep up with SCA on Twitter or Facebook.

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