Martin Lawrence Galleries Brings Modern Art and the Masters to The Forum Shops


New 26,000 Square-Foot Gallery Features Multi-Million Dollar Warhol’s to
Bertho Hand-Signed Serigraphs to Erte Sculptures 
They say everything is bigger in Las Vegas, and the team from Martin Lawrence Galleries took that statement literally by building and opening what just may be the  biggest art gallery in the United States in the heart of The Forum Shops at Caesars.  With more than 26,000 square feet of gallery, exhibition and event space, the new Martin Lawrence Galleries is a masterpiece unto itself.  It has soaring 80 foot ceilings to a 20-foot tall neon “ART” sign to huge “guillotine” walls that can be raised and lowered to feature special exhibitions to an enormous projection wall and booming sound system. Both the physical space and the amazing art will be sure to awe and inspire.

In addition to the main gallery area, there will soon be a spectacular exhibition/event space which will become home to Las Vegas’ premiere art events, one-of-a-kind art exhibitions and distinctive pairings of fashion, food and entertainment with the exciting world of art.  “We couldn’t be more excited about bringing our collections, our artists and our international expertise to Las Vegas,” explains Gallery Director, Stacie Goulet.  “We have been looking for the right space for many years, and when we saw this amazing location within The Forum Shops, we knew we had to create a very special gallery space.  We didn’t build it big just for the sake of being big.  We wanted to showcase a range of art and artists that would appeal to the novice as well as to the collector – that is what Martin Lawrence Galleries is all about.  Whether you are looking for a unique Warhol or Chagall or  signed limited edition prints by one of our exclusive artists such as Philippe Bertho, Robert Deyber, Felix Mas or Erté, you can find it in our gallery.”
Accessible and inviting, The Martin Lawrence Galleries in The Forum Shops was created to enable the guest to discover and enjoy art around every turn.  With its soaring ceilings, bright lights, incredible music soundscape and visual arts projected on the main back wall, walking through the gallery is an escape from the sights and sounds of the Strip just beyond, but at the same time, just as exciting to experience.  With a range of art that spans the spectrum from the hundreds of dollars to the millions of dollars, and features everything from original works by Picasso and Warhol to hand-signed serigraphs  by Erté and Robert Deyber,  the Martin Lawrence Galleries brings art to a new level for both Las Vegas residents and tourists alike.
“While the gallery space has already exceeded our expectations, we cannot wait to open the next phase of the gallery,” adds Ms. Goulet.  “There is truly nothing like it in Las Vegas or maybe anywhere.  We are creating a place where art will take center-stage as only it can in Las Vegas.  With over 13,500 square-feet of additional space, its size  and scope will allow us to bring events and exhibitions which will not be seen elsewhere, as well as allow us to showcase work of brilliant magnitude.  We want to get extremely creative and work with our neighbors here in The Forum Shops, Caesars Palace, The Colosseum and the community to create amazing evenings where art will wrap itself within the worlds of fashion, food and entertainment.”
Martin Lawrence Galleries is located near the Atlantis Fountain Show and Aquarium. Hours are 10 a.m.  – 11 p.m. weekdays and 10 a.m. – midnight on weekends. For more information, contact 702-991-5990. Upcoming events at the gallery include an exhibit with Martin Lawrence exclusive artist Robert Deyber on October 14th and 15th, and a spectacular Erte exhibition on December 1st
About Martin Lawrence Galleries:
Martin Lawrence Galleries, which has been in business for over 35 years, has galleries in prime locations around the country such as Soho in New York City, Newbury Street in Boston, Royal Street in New Orleans, Oak Brook Center, Oak Brook, IL, Dallas Galleria, Dallas, TX, Geary and Beach Streets in San Francisco, Fashion Island in Newport Beach, CA, Prospect Street in La Jolla and Front Street in Maui. 
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