Moonspell New Live DVD, Video And Tour Info – At Las Vegas House of Blues Thursday September 27th

Moonspell New Live DVD, Video And Tour Info. At Las Vegas House of Blues Thursday September 27th

Fernando Ribeiro,
Ricardo Amorim,
Pedro Paixão,
Aires Pereira,
Mike Gaspar

On tour w/ Amoprhis, Dark Tranquility, Ominum Gathrerum

Live DVD/BR/3CD, Lisboa Under The Spell and 1755 out now via Napalm Records

Order “Lisboa Under The Spell” and 1755 here:

New live Video “Extinct” below

MOONSPELL was formed in 1992 from the ashes of Morbid God, a project they started in 1989.

After a couple of years of making a name in the underground, they finally got into a bigger crowd with the release of Wolfheart, via Century Media, in 1995.

The band started touring intensively, and in 1996 they released their breakthrough LP Irreligious which brought the Portuguese band to the forefront of Gothic Metal.

Since then Moonspell has put out nine solid studio releases. Their last album Extinct was number #1 in Portugal and a chartbreaker in many countries, and they have succeeded in celebrating their 25th anniversary on the road, a bit everywhere in the world.

Moonspell released their album 1755 (a concept about Lisbon’s Great Earthquake) via Napalm Records. It’s their first album totally sung in Portuguese, their native language. Also the DVD Lisboa Under the Spell, recorded live at Portugal’s capital, is available now.