myVEGAS Game Takes ALS Ice Bucket Challenge [VIDEO]

PLAYSTUDIOS Again Bridges Divide Between the Virtual and the Real

In-Game 3D Character Takes the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS

PLAYSTUDIOS, a game development company focusing on free-to-play casino games, today announced that its Buster character from their popular New York-New York game took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. The company believes that he is the first virtual personality to step up and support this very real cause. The company will also be making a donation directly to the ALS Association and has challenged three of its major rivals to dump some ice and some cash as well.

“Connecting the virtual and real is what we do,” said Andrew Pascal, CEO of PLAYSTUDIOS. “The Ice Bucket Challenge was a great opportunity for us to engage our fans and our competitors in support of another wonderful cause – the ALS Association. We chose Buster because he’s from New York and a huge Yankees fan. So Lou Gehrig holds a very special place in his heart.”

Buster said, “I’ve really enjoyed my time inside the world that PLAYSTUDIOS has created for us. But every now and then, I just get a feeling like there’s gotta be somethin’ more to all this. So when they told me about this charity ice thing to help fight Lou Gehrig’s disease, I jumped at the chance to help out. Or should I say ‘I dumped’ at the chance? Get it – ‘dumped’? That was funny, right?”

PLAYSTUDIOS would neither confirm nor deny the existence of an earlier TMZ video in which Buster and two other myVEGAS characters took the Cinnamon Challenge

PLAYSTUDIOS is a developer of engaging casual games for mobile and social platforms. For more information about PLAYSTUDIOS, visit the company’s website at


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