Nevada’s Zero Fatalities Program Launches Second Phase of “Save Yourself” Campaign



Phase two of the statewide traffic safety campaign emphasizes the personal responsibility of Motorcycle Safety through Ride Safe tactics and messaging



NEVADA (April 6, 2021) – The Zero Fatalities program is continuing its fight to eliminate fatalities on Nevada’s roadways with the launch of the second phase ofSave Yourself,” a statewide multi-phased campaign with an emphasis on personal responsibility and self-preservation. Now through May 2021, Phase 2 of “Save Yourself” will deploy Motorcycle Safety messaging tactics asking motorcyclists to Ride Safe and ultimately save themselves – because if you will not listen to anyone else, at least listen to yourself.

“In 2018, one in every five traffic fatalities in Nevada was a motorcycle rider, a sobering and unacceptable statistic,” said Zero Fatalities Program Manager, Andrew Bennett. “We must not forget the humanity of these fatalities – the grave loss of life that impacts the entire community. Following a year with a strong emphasis on how personal decisions can affect the community as a whole, the second phase of ‘Save Yourself’ is asking vulnerable riders to Check Their Speed and Ride Safe. By saving themselves, we can be one step closer to eliminating Nevada’s traffic fatalities altogether.”

Between 2014 – 2018, there were 268 fatal motorcycle crashes on Nevada’s roadways, with 45 percent of motorcycle riders involved in fatal crashes traveling over the speed limit. In order to combat this fatal trend, Zero Fatalities will implement Phase 2 of the “Save Yourself” campaign messaging encouraging riders to slow down and Check Their Speed through a combination of paid and earned media efforts in both Northern and Southern Nevada. “Save Yourself” Phase 2 media efforts include targeted programmatic display advertising, PSAs on streaming services like YouTube and via social media content on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

All “Save Yourself” Phase 2 campaign assets are available on the Zero Fatalities website under the Ride Safe page for public and partner use and download. For additional information on trending dangerous driving behaviors and traffic safety in Nevada, please follow Zero Fatalities on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

About Zero Fatalities

Commemorating 10 years proudly serving the state of Nevada in 2021, the Nevada Departments of Public Safety and Transportation Zero Fatalities program remains steadfast in its mission to eliminate roadway fatalities in Nevada. Some people may think zero is an impossible goal, but when it comes to your family and friends, what other number would be acceptable? We’re aiming for zero because everyone matters. The road to zero targets key behaviors like always driving sober, focusing on the road, watching out for each other, checking your speed, stopping on red, always buckling up and riding safe.

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Nevada's Zero Fatalities Program Launches Second Phase of "Save Yourself" Campaign