New Security Trays at Las Vegas-McCarran International Airport Save Time and Money

New Security Trays at Las Vegas-McCarran
International Airport Save Time and Money

The Airport, TSA, SecurityPoint Media, and Las Vegas-based
Partner for the launch of this Innovative Project


SecurityPoint Media, a provider of unique advertising solutions at airports across the country, has launched its SecureTray System® at security checkpoints in Las Vegas-McCarran International Airport.  Partners include the airport, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), Alliance Airport Advertising, and Las Vegas-based


On September 27, SecurityPoint Media crews replaced the old TSA bins with bright, new SecureTrays® that feature advertisements.  These trays provide an innovative and alternative advertising opportunity for businesses looking to reach a highly coveted demographic of frequent fliers. The sponsorship in turn provides a new revenue stream for airports, cost avoidance for the TSA and an enhanced customer service experience for passengers.


“We are thrilled to add McCarran International to our roster of 30 U.S. airports and look forward to delivering an end-to-end solution that will streamline and enrich the security screening process for the millions travelers that Las Vegas draws each year,” said Joseph T. Ambrefe, CEO of SecurityPoint Media. “We have a wonderful partner in to kick off our presence in this new market and we are excited to help them communicate their hometown pride to those visiting the wonderful city of Las Vegas with this new campaign.”


The program also eliminates a burden on TSA, as the organization no longer has to replace or maintain the checkpoint equipment and can focus on its number one priority: security.


Efficiency is improved at the TSA through the use of patented SecureCarts®, which are also provided by SecurityPoint Media as part of their agreement.  The use of carts was pioneered by the company as a way to increase efficiency and reduce worker injuries.  Early pilot testing demonstrated back injuries for TSA employees were reduced by 90 percent and wait times for travelers have been reduced by 16 percent.


In addition to improving efficiency and saving money, SecurityPoint offers a unique advertising solution. Zappos Brand Director, Matt Bouchard likes the way this product reaches the mobile consumer in a non-traditional manner. “This is the one place where we can capture the frequent flyer’s attention, the one place where no one will have a smart phone in their hands.”


“All air travelers go through airport security and this program allows an opportunity to engage them and add some happiness to the trip,” said Bouchard.  “We are long standing partners with SecurityPoint and it’s great to sponsor this program in our home-town airport.”


About SecurityPoint Media: SecurityPoint Media is the leader in airport passenger security checkpoint advertising and the innovator of the SecureTray System®. This integrated system provides an end-to-end solution to improve efficiencies in the security screening process, while delivering a high-impact advertising opportunity. The innovative alternative media platform offers advertisers exclusive brand building and messaging at airports through strategically placed ads within passenger screening checkpoints. The SecureTray network is available in 30 major markets, with additional locations rolling out each month. SecureTray system has been tested and evaluated by the TSA and the National Safe Skies Alliance and validated with successful implementation and ongoing success at major U.S. airports, reaching over 1 million unique travelers per day.




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