No Deflated Balls Here – Why Not Let Ole Smoky Moonshine Quarterback Your Super Bowl Party




Super Bowl XLIX is making its way to the Southwest this year, but Ole Smoky Moonshine is ready to tackle the party. Ole Smoky has come up with the perfect party drink to keep your crew going strong through all four quarters – The Phoenix Fumble!



The Phoenix Fumble Recipe:

1.5 oz. of Ole Smoky Apple Pie Moonshine dropped in a half pint of beer

Perfect for even the most diehard fan, all you need is a half pint of beer and a shot of some Apple Pie Moonshine – so easy you won’t have to leave your living room. And when the beer runs dry, just grab a jar and pass it around! Ole Smoky’s great flavors are just as delicious on their own.



Ole Smoky is an authentic brand of 100 proof whiskey that will score you some major points with friends. With its distinct character and bold flavor, Ole Smoky will give your party the kick it needs. No real fumbles or fouls here, just the sweet taste of victory in every last drop. No matter who you’re rooting for, by the end of the game Ole Smoky Moonshine will have everyone feeling like champions!



Shine Responsibly®


For further info check out Currently available in all 50 states and Canada, Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine® retails at around $20-$25 per bottle with slight fluctuations by city, state and retailer. You can also find Ole Smoky on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter @OleSmoky and Instagram @olesmokymoonshine.

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