Book Review – One Of The First Women In Punk – Viv Albertine Memoir Book – CLOTHES, CLOTHES, CLOTHES. MUSIC, MUSIC, MUSIC. BOYS, BOYS, BOYS




A courageous memoir by Viv Albertine (Thomas Dunne, on sale 11/25)
lead guitarist of the seminal punk band, The Slits.

What a great read. Once you start you can’t put it down.
As a music lover and bit of a misfit I can relate with the refreshing candor of this book.
It’s like a “History of Punk” reference book direct from the source. Jay Reppart – Vegas24Seven

A rare female voice during the rise of punk, Albertine was girlfriend to The Clash’s Mick Jones, close friend of Sid Vicious and a style and music icon in her own right. A pioneer of the punk movement that changed music, Albertine inspired a generation of rockers including Sleater-Kinney, Carrie Brownstein and Kurt Cobain.


The first time the 70’s punk story has been told from a female perspective, CLOTHES…MUSIC…BOYS poignantly captures the zeitgeist of an era. Daring, authentic and irreverent, Viv’s is a rare coming-of-age story that all can relate to. From her dad walking out on the family, her careers in the male-centric industries of music and film and her various romances to her struggle with conceiving, divorce, cancer, and her later quest to rediscover her passions and herself, Viv fearlessly leaves nothing out. The result is nothing short of inspirational.

Named one of Britain’s best books of the year by MOJO and Rough Trade, CLOTHES…MUSIC…BOYS is getting tons of early praise. Legendary rock critic Greil Marcus calls it “a great autobiography…Not only the best book about punk but one of the best books of any kind I’ve read in five years.” And Nigella Lawson raves that Viv’s “honesty is beautiful”

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