Outta The Black With New Guitarist Jeremy Varao – Special Guest Darren Hurst at The Dive Bar – Friday November 22nd


OUTTA THE BLACK take hard rock / metal to a new level. Bringing a fresh perspective to old classics and stepping out of the box, performing deeper tracks from your favorite albums- this band is a serious performing SHOW band! The musical abilities of the members really shine through with OUTTA THE BLACK. Starting with huge guitars and killer vocal harmonies to the lock step rhythm section, this band is amazing. They cover the entire spectrum of classic hard rock / metal, from Dokken to Pantera, Motley Crue to Stryper and Black Sabbath, as well as current hard rock / metal hits. OUTTA THE BLACK is one of the only true hard rock / metal Show Bands out there!

Outta The Black is made up of some of the hottest talent in on the west coast. This band is full of music veterans and together these talents converge in a sound that is Outta The Black.

Drew Calvert – Vocals
Greg Silver – Guitar & Vocals
Jeremy Varao – Guitar & Vocals
Keith Trombino – Bass & Vocals
Scott Westbrook – Drums


First show with officially announced new guitarist Jeremy Varao. Born and raised in Western Massachusetts, Jeremy found his love of rock and roll guitars at the young age of 6. Receiving KISS Alive! on vinyl as a Christmas gift was the pebble that started the mighty avalanche. Jeremy officially started playing 7 years later and by the age of 17 was playing the local club circuit with musicians ten years his senior. A diverse guitar player, he found himself at home playing not only the standard hard rock/heavy metal fare that was the New England staple, but Classic and Southern rock as well.
Over the years Jeremy has played in original national touring Hard Rock/Heavy Metal bands such as MercyKill and power punk band Cherry 2000, BASS guitar in Florida ska/punk legends Skif Dank as well as lead guitar in NWOBHM tribute Denim and Leather featuring James Rivera of Helstar/Seven Witches and now Las Vegas power house Outta The Black. Having logged thousands of miles and about as many shows as well sharing the stage with the top performers in their respective genres (Cake, Violent Femmes, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Misfits, The Specials) Varao is a seasoned performer who believes nothing is more important than “the show.”



Dive Bar
4110 S. Maryland Pkwy
Las Vegas, Nevada 89119
Always open
(702) 586-3483
[email protected]

A dark spot to grab a beer, catch a band, meet some friends and hopefully get out the door before your head hits the floor.


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