Photos: Legendary Hip-Hop Duo Method Man and Redman Deliver Unforgettable Performance at LAX Nightclub – Saturday, June 8

Last night (Saturday, June 8), legendary hip-hop duo Method Man and Redman delivered an unforgettable performance at LAX Nightclub inside Luxor Hotel and Casino. After entering the hot spot around 1 a.m., clubgoers caught their first glimpse of the iconic rap stars as they made their grand entrance through the roaring crowd.

Just before 2 a.m., the energetic twosome got on the mic and greeted their fans from the main stage, inviting them to take it back to 1992. Treating their fans to a live mini-concert, the former Wu-Tang Clan members started their performance by having the crowd chant “Wu-Tang, Wu-Tang, Wu-Tang” along with them. DJ Dice, the rappers’ personal MC, spun the duo’s classic hit “Intro” as the crowd recited their notorious lyrics along with them. The set continued after Method Man got on the mic to say “I’m happy to be here with my partner in crime and we’re about to turn it up,” as the pair had the crowd cheering with their hit “Errbody Scream.” Method Man then led into his well-known hits including his signature song “M.E.T.H.O.D Man” and Redman then took his turn on the mic with one of his solo hits “Pick It Up.”

The duo had the crowd on their feet as Redman had one final last word before the two concluded their set, “Before we leave LAX, we just want to thank you for respecting our era and supporting our music throughout the years,” he said. “Let’s turn it up one last time,” as they ended on a high note with their mega-hit “Da Rockwilder.” The crowd raged with excitement while Method Man and Redman headed back to their VIP table to party with their entourage and posed for a photo with rapper Rico “Tash” Smith from the 1990’s hip-hop group The Alkaholiks there supporting his comrades.

 (L-R-Redman & Method Man)_LAX Nightclub


Photo credit: Toby Acuna

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