Photos: Rich Little’s shrunken head at The Golden Tiki


The “Man of a Thousand Voices” Rich Little Unveils His Shrunken Head at The Golden Tiki

The “man of a thousand voices,” celebrity impersonator Rich Little, unveiled his shrunken head at The Golden Tiki last night. Upon arrival, Little and his group sat down to enjoy some food and a scorpion bowl, while Krystal the Magician dazzled them with tricks.

Tony Felicetta of The Sharps welcomed guests and fans with an overview of Little’s extensive and impressive career, noting his start on “The Judy Garland Show” in 1964, his appearances on the notorious Dean Martin celebrity roasts, hosting “The Tonight Show” 12 times, and his current act at the Laugh Factory.

Little then took the stage, cracking jokes and delighting the crowd with a George Burns impression. He said, “My mom said to me ‘if you don’t give up doing these stupid impressions, you’ll never get ahead in this business.’ I didn’t give up and I did get a head – a shrunken head! I’m glad that’s the only thing they shrunk!”

Managing Partner Branden Powers unveiled the head, which was sculpted by Smithsonian artist Terry Barr over the course of four weeks, referencing photos of Little to ensure physical accuracies. Glasses were added as an homage to his famous Jack Benny impression.

Little took photos with fans and magician Murray Sawchuck, who has his own shrunken head on display at the iconic Tiki revival bar.

Little joins the bar’s growing collection of famous shrunken heads, including Marky Ramone of The Ramones, Carrot Top, Frank Marino, Robin Leach, Norm Clarke, Claire Sinclair, Murray Sawchuck, Vinnie Paul of Pantera, Chris Phillips of Zowie Bowie, Monti Rock III, and Lonnie Hammargren.

Rich Little with his shrunken head at The Golden Tiki. Credit Brenton Ho.

Tony Felicetta, Rich Little, Branden Powers. Photo credit Brenton Ho.

Rich Little and Murray Sawchuck pose with their shrunken heads at The Golden Tiki. Photo credit Brenton Ho.

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Photos: Rich Little's shrunken head at The Golden Tiki
Photos: Rich Little's shrunken head at The Golden Tiki