Photos: Thunder From Down Under Performers Visit with Dolphins at The Mirage Tuesday, Dec. 18

This morning, Tuesday, Dec. 18, Thunder From Down Under performers Alex Biffan and Ryan Pakitook a dip with Maverick, a bottlenose dolphin, at Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden & Dolphin Habitat at The Mirage Hotel & Casino.

Shortly after arriving at the Habitat, the two excited performers quickly changed into wetsuits before diving into the water. After a quick tutorial by Philip Admire, Curator of Dolphin Care, Alex and Ryan were able to cue Maverick on several interactions including a pectoral fin wave and a dorsal tow. The two Aussies then treated their new friend to one of his favorite snacks—a mix of fish and squid. Before saying goodbye, the two entertainers were joined by Maverick on the ledge of the pool where images were captured to commemorate their visit.

Thunder from Down Under performs seven nights a week at Excalibur Hotel & Casino.  For show times and ticket prices, visit Additionally, The Mirage offers guests the Trainer for a Day Program where they can enjoy similar experiences as those described above. For more information, visit

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