PODS® of Las Vegas Offers 7 Cost Saving Hacks and Tips for College Students Heading Back to Campus


PODS® of Las Vegas Offers 7 Cost Saving Hacks and Tips for College Students Heading Back to Campus

Moving and storage company provides cost saving moving hacks for students

As summer ends and back to school looms large, students are preparing themselves for an organized and easy move back to campus, but parents are looking at larger costs in the process.

According to 2022 Deloitte back-to-college survey  As back-to-college preparations heat up, 40% of parents expect to spend more YoY. They cite higher prices resulting from inflation as the reason for increased spending. The market size is likely to be up 6% YoY to $28.3 billion, with parents spending $1,600 per child on average.

PODS® of Las Vegas, a moving and storage company, provides helpful cost saving back to school hacks and tips to make moving back to school easy and more affordable:

  • Tip #1: Combine and consolidate. Start by separating essentials versus the non-essentials. Do not move what you do not need. College dorms and apartments are small, so weed out unnecessary items and use a PODS container to store unessential at a PODS Secure Storage Center.


  • Tip #2: Contact friends and roommates to coordinate a back-to-school move list. Use a PODS container to load up three or four friends’ belongings for a convenient and more cost-effective move into the dorms or apartment.


  • Tip #3: Don’t go overboard with college supplies and decor. Bring your favorite items you own and reach out to roommates to coordinate essential items so there are no duplicates purchased.


  • Tip #4: Don’t pack or overpay for new clothes before you head to college. Purchase only the most needed items and consider thrifting for vintage finds. Or consider setting up a clothing exchange on campus to save money while staying stylish.


  • Tip #5: Invest wisely in technology. In 2022, students are placing less importance on decor and furniture and more spending power into computers and digital/ tech to power their year. Some schools and programs provide free laptops, tablets and software, and for those who need to buy a device, some manufacturers offer student discounts.


  • Tip #6: Save money on books. Consider renting textbooks, buy digital copies or work with friends to borrow expensive textbooks who just finished the class you will be taking.


  • Tip #7: Relax. After all the packing and planning is done, let PODS make the moving process easier by doing the driving for you. Avoid the cost and hassle of driving and enjoy the beginning of a successful and adventurous new school year, stress-free.


Although the stress and cost of moving back to school is inevitable, choosing PODS® of Las Vegas can provide moving and storage relief with their affordable and convenient short-term options, long term options and moving supplies,” said Dave Allen Boyd IV, Territory Manager for PODS® Las Vegas. “Students and their families can also have peace of mind that PODS can securely store additional belongings in a PODS Secure Storage Center throughout the school year.”

For more information about renting a PODS container or ordering moving supplies, visit Las Vegas Moving & Storage – PODS Vegas


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PODS® of Las Vegas Offers 7 Cost Saving Hacks and Tips for College Students Heading Back to Campus

PODS® of Las Vegas Offers 7 Cost Saving Hacks and Tips for College Students Heading Back to Campus