Steven Gambles Nonstop Video ~ A Tribute To Those Fighting Diabetes

Steven Gambles Nonstop Video ~  A Tribute To Those Fighting Diabetes

After college Steve moved to Miami to pursue his music career as an independent artist. It was here where he collaborated with award-winning producer Dj Khaled on his  debut project titled No Excuses. Available on

Steve is  currently focusing on marketing his  music video titled “Nonstop”, in which he made as a tribute to those fighting diabetes. This track was inspired by his  6 year old nephew Rajan who was diagnosed 4 years ago with Type 1 diabetes.

The title “Nonstop” refers to the constant effort it takes survive with this condition on a day to day basis.

Steve wanted to make a song that appealed to hip-hop listeners as well as created awareness to an even broader audience that stems way beyond any genre of music! 

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