Mens Facial Grooming Guide Using Chella



Mens Facial Grooming Guide Using Chella

This kit is a number one seller by men and is a perfect kit for full service grooming. chella kit
To achieve this look please follow the following steps:              

Groom lightly: Using the Chella Tools we will lightly groom the brows.

        Step 1: Razor lightly above and in-between the brows.

        Step 2: Trim the brows! Brush the hairs up and trim the longer hairs.

        Step 3: Tweeze out unwanted hairs that are below the brows.


Keep brows full: Do not over tweeze the brows. Men do not need to have a high arch; you want to tweeze as little as possible.


The Chella scissors can be used for brows, nose, and ears!  The scissor have a safety so men could easily trim their brows, nose , and ears without pocking themselves.

Using the tools in the Chella Tool Kit makes man-scaping quick and easy!

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