The Las Vegas Mob Experience Grand Opening with Red Carpet

The Las Vegas Mob Experience is a highly interactive, immersive experience anchored by a collection of over 1,000 authentic artifacts once belonging to the famous organized crime figures who helped create the Las Vegas we know today. Visit for more information.

Some of the collection of stars that attend include:

FRANK VINCENT: Las Vegas Mob Experience Celebrity Gangster Guide, Sopranos, Goodfellas, NEW PROJECTS: Spy, Resurrection

JASON STATHAM: The Expendables, Transporter, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, NEW: Echelon, Safe, The Killer Elite, Expendables 2

PAMELA ANDERSON: Baywatch, Dancing with the Stars, Spokesperson for PETA and MAC- Aids Charity

TONY SIRICO: Las Vegas Mob Experience Gangster Guide, The Sopranos- played Pauly “Walnuts”, Goodfellas, Gotti, Bullets over Broadway


MILICENT SIEGEL- Daughter of Benjamin Siegel

CYNTHIA DUNCAN- Step-Grandaughter of Meyer Lansky

VINCENT SPILATRO- Son of Tony Spilatro

NANCY SPILATRO- Widow of Tony Spilatro

CARL MANNO- Grandson of Sam Giancana

JANICE SACHS- Widow of Allan Sachs

LUELLEN SMILEY- Daughter of Allen Smiley

NICK MICEK- Nephew of Tony Aiuppa

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