Tomorrow: Swim & Sound Concert Series at Cowabunga Bay

Tomorrow, kicks off the first of the XPOZLV.COM PRESENTS: SWIM+SOUND CONCERT SERIES at waterpark, Cowabunga Bay.  The Friday weekly event is 12 – 10pm, July 20 – August 10.

Friday, July 20 Concert Schedule:

DJ 6h057 (DJ to spin between all set changes)
1:00pm-1:45pm Muertos Heist
2:10pm-2:55pm The Wreckless
3:20pm-4:05pm The Swank Bastards
4:30pm-5:15pm Not Much Cooler
5:40pm-6:25pm Los Ataskados
6:50pm-7:35pm Sector 7G
8:00pm-8:45pm Rayner
9:10pm-10:00pm The Escapers

7/20 Performers: 
The Escapers, Muertos Heist, Los Ataskados, Time Crashers, Rayner, Not Much Cooler, Sector 7G
Genre: Punk/Ska
Sponsored by: Viva Ska Radio
7/27 Performers: 
Lady Reiko, ST1, School of Rock (West), Kat Kalling, Late For Dinner, A Poison Alibi (acoustic), Odd Solutions, Mind Body Sound, Ulysses
Genre: Reggae, Rock, Hip Hop
8/3 Performers:
Silence Speaks, Asylum of Ashes, Vatican Falling, Safely, A Real King, Anti-Trust, Sleep Eater, Almost Awake, Mother Mercury
Genre: Hard Rock, Alternative, Pop
8/10 Performers: 
Matamoska, NE Las Words, Franks & Deans, Elmer Abapo, Stop On Green, Willie Psycho, The Escapers
Genre: Ska, Punk, Hip Hop
Sponsored by: Viva Ska Radio
Location: 900 W Galleria Dr, Henderson, NV 89011
Time: Doors Open at 11:00 AM, Show Starts at 01:00 PM
Age Limit: All Ages
Cost: $29.99 (Same cost as a Water Park Admission)
Cowabunga Bay Waterpark, located at 900 Galleria Drive in Henderson, is the largest waterpark in Nevada filled with an expansive collection of state-of-the-art thrill rides.  Featuring more than 20 slides and attractions, it is the ultimate in family and guest entertainment. For more information on hours, opening dates, and purchasing tickets and season pass information please call 702.850.9000 visit  Follow us on Twitter and Instagram at @cowabungabaylv and friend Cowabunga Bay Waterpark on Facebook

XPOZ’s main goal is to promote a smoke free scene through music, education and awareness showing  the public that the tobacco industry is destroying the environment, our civil rights, our health, and our culture.

People in the alt music scene are always fighting against injustices and corporate manipulation. Somehow, though, the tobacco industry’s manipulation and global damage has been overlooked because young people that are part of the scene smoke tobacco MORE than all other youth cultures. XPOZ is here to change that. We believe that if people in the scene know more about the destructive practices of the tobacco industry, they will help us support a smoke free scene.

When it comes to smoking, XPOZ believes in fully informed choice that is free from lies and deceit. By celebrating local music and educating people about the harm caused by the tobacco industry, we hope to shift the image of the scene from one that supports smoking to one that is defined by creative music that is smoke free.

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Tomorrow: Swim & Sound Concert Series at Cowabunga Bay
Tomorrow: Swim & Sound Concert Series at Cowabunga Bay