TruFusion teams up with Summerlin Yoga to offer new hot classes

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If you haven’t been to Summerlin Yoga in awhile this is the perfect time to come back or check out the former Bikram studio for the first time. The studio has partnered with TruFusion Yoga and change is in the air – literally! A new floor in the yoga room means students can breathe easy while taking one of the many new TruFusion signature classes on offer. There is a new hot yoga variation called Revitalize that will be familiar to Bikram lovers but includes more modifications and allows use of tools such as blocks and straps to ensure both beginners and longstanding practitioners can reach their full potential. There is also a few variations of a vinyasa flow class called Invigorate that provides a bit more of a challenge. On the other end of the spectrum is Tru Yin, which is a series of poses held for about 5 minutes and Yin Fused, which gives students 45 minutes of vinyasa flow followed by 45 minutes of long yin stretching.
But the studio hasn’t stopped at hot yoga, there is also the ability to cross train with more cardiovascular-intensive classes such as Tru Hot Pilates and Tru Barefoot Bootcamp, which uses kettlebells for resistance to build strength. The options for both yoga and fitness allows any student who walks in the door to create a custom program that fits their own health and wellness goals. The new classes have also come with a new staff of highly experienced teachers who each have several different yoga and fitness trainings on their resumes. With so many new classes and teachers to experience, guests might be surprised to learn that the unlimited month membership has just been reduced to $49! Getting more for less, that’s a healthy deal worth checking out! Visit or for more details or follow @TruFusionYoga on Twitter. Both studios can also be found on Facebook.
We had the opportunity to try the Revitalize class! Our teacher Jacky was wonderful! She did not judge us but instead helped us with the poses.
This is a hot yoga class that made us move in ways we did not know we could. Our aches and pains from doing other types of workouts…. left us as the class ended. We truly enjoyed the class and everyone that works at Summerlin Yoga!!! We highly recommend this team of experts!
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