Vegas Nocturne’s Piff the Magic Dragon Presents Perhaps the Most Spectacular, High-Production Show in History: Breakfast at Piffany’s



Tomorrow, Las Vegas will never be the same.  Tomorrow, the dawn will break on a new legend.  Tomorrow, a mythical, misanthropic, magical dragon and his magic performing Chihuahua will debut a new chapter of amusement for the entertainment capital of the world.  Tomorrow, Breakfast at Piffany’s inside the Study at Rose. Rabbit. Lie. finally hatches.


“Dragons do breakfast at midnight,” said Piff the Magic Dragon about the peculiar timing of his new show Breakfast at Piffany’s.  “What can I say? We’re early risers. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so we like to get it in as soon as possible. A snacky dragon is a happy dragon.”


Piff and his Chihuahua sidekick Mr. Piffles play hosts to the 30 or so patrons who can squeeze into the Study each evening/morning for Breakfast at Piffany’s.  Beginning promptly at midnight (dragons don’t do tardiness) and ending around 1 a.m. (dragons get bored easily, deal with it), Piff and Mr. Piffles will dazzle, astound and harmlessly harass the audience as everyone joins teams to compete for points and prizes.  The night culminates in the croissant auction, which benefits Communities In Schools of Nevada (but don’t tell Piff it’s for charity, he’s planning to buy a fancy new castle).


All this plus princesses, mind-reading goldfishes, performing fleas and one very important pastry.  Must we continue convincing?


Breakfast at Piffany’s is a complimentary experience available by reservation only.  Space is tight.  Super tight.  So plan ahead.  E-mail [email protected] to schedule your Breakfast, henceforth occurring every Wednesday –Saturday from midnight until 1 a.m. in the Study at Rose. Rabbit. Lie.  Except for this coming weekend (April 30 – May 3).  The reservations for these days are already full.  Huzzah for Piff being Mr. Congeniality!


The Dragon’s Disclaimers (House Rules):

  • If you actually want breakfast, food, drinks, edibles, refreshments, sustenance or libations of any kind, you’ll have to pay for that.  We offer delicacies such as Piff’s Special Biscuits, Princess Bait and The Chalice of Chocolate Milk.
  • All females must be prepared to be a princess at any point in the evening per the dragon’s orders.
  • Attendees must love croissants.  Like, really love croissants.
  • Fish whisperers comprise a highly preferred niche of patrons.
  • Introverts need not apply.
  • Scratch the former; introverts would be especially fun to have in attendance.
  • If you ask the dragon if he can fly, you will be asked to leave.
  • You may pet and/or hold Mr. Piffles, but only when the dragon says you can and you may not exit the premises with Mr. Piffles either.
  • The special VIP booth in the back of the room is always reserved for a special VIP who will be decided each evening.  General peasants may not sit there.



Ever since Piff hatched out of the egg clutching the Four of Clubs, his destiny was clear. Thus Piff set out to become the Greatest Magical Dragon of All Time, and escape from the shadow of a certain elder brother. Growing up as a dragon is hard enough, but being gifted with astounding mystic capabilities is brutal.  Kids can be mean.  Luckily, Piff never let his gifts slow him down; instead, he embraced the qualities that made him special and now he’s a Las Vegas headliner.  Take that, Jimmy the Cat Juggling Penguin.


But the road here wasn’t traveled overnight.  After years of schlepping around England’s grimiest venues, and overcoming that dark country’s ancient Dragon prejudice, Piff began to make a name for himself.  It was during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival of 2009 that Piff sallied forth to rescue a small white Chihuahua from the clutches of the deep, dark City of Dundee in Scotland (which is why Mr. Piffles has an accent when he barks).  Since then, Mr. Piffles has been a sidekick to Piff’s heroism, in charge of charming the damsels and negotiating contracts with the power of his cuteness.


Piff and Mr. Piffles had their big break during an appearance on Penn & Teller’s hit showFool Us, which led to global awareness and activism for the rights of all kinds of dragons.  It also led to a gig as the opening act for Mumford & Sons on their 17-date UK tour.  And more than 12 million YouTube hits.  Oh, and the opportunity to perform for hundreds of thousands of civilians in preposterous venues such as Radio City Music Hall and the Sydney Opera House.


Inevitably, the gregarious Evgeny Alfonso Buzukhov caught wind of this enchanted creature.  After more than a dozen offers, Alfonso finally drew up a princess and snack-laden deal that seemed pleasing to Piff and Mr. Piffles, and the prestidigitating pair can now be seen throughout the evening at Rose. Rabbit. Lie. as the official family pets of the Falzone-Buzukhov clan.



Vegas Nocturne does not live on a stage or with the rise and fall of a curtain.  It plays all night long and crescendos in three distinct ticketed shows: 7:30 p.m. (90 minutes), 9:30 p.m. (90 minutes) and Midnight (30 minutes).  Each is unique, created by the Family Falzone-Buzukhov, for most of whom English is a second language. Good luck trying to interpret any meaning, as the action sways like an elephant’s trunk with the passing hours.



A rebirth of the social club, Rose. Rabbit. Lie. is a modern twist on clubs of the night—a truly communal venue, where the experience lies not only with the power of production, but within the excitement of improvisation. The result is an entirely new genre that blurs the lines between restaurant, bar, club and live entertainment to create a grand social experiment; one that arrives in spontaneous moments throughout the evening. This new venue delivers an unexpected mash-up featuring world-class partner Coastal Luxury Management, curating food and beverage, and entertainment partner Spiegelworld, creators of Vegas Nocturne. An ever-evolving experience, Rose. Rabbit. Lie. adheres to no standard model, follows no written rules. Come when you want. Leave when you wish. Let the night take the lead.




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