Vegas Startup Company Launches Fantasy Sports Social Competition




GameLoot introduces their first offering, an interactive online experience that brings communities of people together to compete in simple, quick and fun fantasy sports contests. Seeking to engage casual sports fans who want the camaraderie of fantasy gaming without the time consuming hassle of traditional fantasy sports leagues, the Las Vegas based company developed an interactive platform that is entertaining, user friendly and accessible on all major devices through any web browser.

“We’ve taken the best parts of fantasy sports and tailored it to today’s fast paced life,” said GameLoot CEO Jeremy Shea. “Casual fans who want to compete against their friends but don’t have the time or desire to analyze players and stats each week can experience the thrill of the win with our easy to play platform.”

Visitors to can participate for free in a variety of contests and have the opportunity to win GameLoot’s virtual currency, Loot, which can be used to enter additional contests. Participants can also enhance their experience by purchasing Loot with real dollars, allowing them to enter more contests, participate in special promotions, and engage in deeper social interactions within their social networks and the GameLoot community at large.

Current contests include Major League Baseball, NASCAR, PGA and Major League Soccer, with Premier League Soccer launching in August, quickly followed by the National Football League and college football seasons in September.

GameLoot does not require the extensive knowledge of player stats that traditional fantasy sports leagues demand. With the company’s patent pending Quick-Pick™ engine, the playing field is leveled to provide casual fans with a rewarding experience. Participants have the option of selecting their own roster through the site’s 2-Minute Drill, or utilizing the Quick-Pick™ feature to have players selected for them. The simple experience allows anyone up to the challenge to compete with family, friends and colleagues for Loot and bragging rights.

Spearheaded by company leaders with extensive experience in the interactive entertainment space and who have developed and launched several top tier games on Facebook, GameLoot’s first offering is designed to target the vast market of sports fans, joining a fantasy sports industry with more than 35 million playing annually in North America. Future games from the company will extend into additional categories, reaching an online social gaming market with a worldwide audience of more than 250 million people playing monthly.

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