Premiere Placement









Placement Options

Banner Ads
Sitewide, including homepage, right sidebars.
Advertiser to provide 125×125, 120×240, or 180×150,
120×600 image and link assets.
Runtime: 30 days
Price: $45.99

Text Links
Advertiser to provide text, link assets.
Link opens in new window.
Runtime: 60 days
Price: $49.99

Social Media Campaign
Placement through our social media channels: Facebook,
Twitter, Pinterest and next-day newsletter.
Includes exclusive promotion/coupon.
Runtime: Single-use placement
Price: $54.99

Las Vegas Event Coverage
Photography, interviews, location reviews, grand openings,
and special press coverage.
Includes all Social Media Campaign features, above.
Runtime: Per event
Price: $149.99

Dedicated Advertiser Page
Includes banners, images, text, link content.
Advertiser to supply assets.
Runtime: 60 days
Price: $174.99

Placement options

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