Want to Try a Tri? Swim, Bike and Run Inside at Life Time Green Valley’s Indoor Tri Series January 27

Want to Try a Tri? Swim, Bike and Run Inside at Life Time
Green Valley’s Indoor Tri Series January 27

Participants competing in the Indoor Triathlon race against the clock and receive points for going further in a specific period of time rather than going faster over a fixed distance. The total event lasts for 75 minutes and consists of a 10-minute pool swim, 30-minutes on an indoor bike and a 20-minute run on a treadmill.



The Life Time Indoor Triathlon Series is among a myriad of programs offered by Life Time Tri to remove the intimidation factor from first-timer participation in triathlon. Athlete education and developmental programs, including free training plans, community-wide swim clinics, and beginner friendly race experiences where requested, as well as offering a relay division for those who do not feel that they are quite ready to conquer all three disciplines (including Indoor Tri), have led to growth year over year.


Registration is now open for the event at Green Valley and is quickly approaching sell-out. Interested athletes are encouraged to register quickly to guarantee entry. Participants can request to start alongside specific peers, based upon availability. Registration is only $35 and open to Life Time destination members and non-members alike.

The Life Time Indoor Tri is limited to 100 participants, with many already sold-out. To register, visit https://www.lifetimetri.com/events/indoortri/.


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