Catch “The Big Game” and Eat Like a King at InsertCoin(s) Videolounge Gamebar

Catch “The Big Game” and eat like a king at InsertCoin(s) Videolounge Gamebar

Beer buckets, gourmet sliders from Slidin’ Thru and Stoli Vodka drink specials make for the perfect Sunday afternoon viewing

Watch “The Big Game” at InsertCoin(s) Videolounge Gamebar and take advantage of amazing drink specials and food from Slidin’ Thru.


InsertCoin(s) Videolounge Gamebar located in the heart of the Fremont Street East district of Downtown Las Vegas


InsertCoin(s) Videolounge Gamebar celebrates “Super Sunday” with drink specials and amazing food. With a $30 cover, guests receive beer buckets and delicious, gourmet sliders from Slidin’ Thru. The Budweiser girls will be on-site, handing out cash and prizes throughout the game. With more than 40 large HDTV’s, guests will have the option to watch the “big game” or play one of nearly 2,000 video games.

Guests must be 21 years or older.


Sunday, Feb. 5

The viewing party begins at 2 p.m.


InsertCoin(s) Videolounge Gamebar

512 Fremont Street

Las Vegas, NV 89101


$30 cover includes beer buckets and gourmet sliders from Slidin’ Thru

About InsertCoin(s) Videolounge Gamebar

Nestled in the iconic, neon-laden Fremont East District of Downtown Las Vegas, InsertCoin(s) Videolounge Gamebar features an innovative combination of classic arcades, lounge service, console video gaming and world-renowned Video DJs. Guests can choose from more than 60 refurbished arcade cabinets in the COIN-OP Corner, including “Tron,” “Frogger,” “Donkey Kong” and “Joust,” as well as 40 video game consoles, ranging from Atari 2600 to Super Nintendo to Xbox 360. Home to thousands of modern and retro games and 44 large HDTV’s, InsertCoin(s) is an ideal venue for videogame tournaments, private parties, corporate events and product launches. For reservations call 702-477-2525. InsertCoin(s) Videolounge Gamebar is located at 512 Fremont Street. For additional information, please visit, or

About Slidin’ Thru – (To be read in an awesomely dramatic movie narrator voice)

Slidin’ Thru was created by one man with an idea, a dream and an appetite for something different in the Las Vegas community – The Future of Fast Food™. Slidin’ Thru was officially founded on March 13, 2010 by Ricardo Guerrero (Ric) to show hungry citizens of Las Vegas that mini burgs can have a fun and powerful taste. After attending culinary school, Guerrero quickly realized he would rather find a way to not only cook, but watch as people savored the food he was preparing and thus the Slidin’ Thru slider truck was born. As the brand expanded, Slidin’ Thru began releasing swag that fans can’t get enough of, including limited edition shirt designs and more. In December 2011, Slidin’ Thru opened its first official restaurant location on North Durango and Centennial Parkway with a second restaurant set to open in early 2012. The Slidin’ Thru team also runs the popular Vegas StrEATs event in Downtown Las Vegas, as well as Movies in the Park. For more information, visit

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