Time Saving Tips with Pureology!



With jam packed summer schedules, we are all looking for simple ways to maximize time spent getting ready in the morning. Sandra Joseph, Pureology Artistic Ambassador, shares her expert tricks to minimize hair routine and maintenance so you can get out the door faster and spend more time enjoying the sun.



Start the morning off right! “Pureology Cleaning Conditioners will give a light cleanse plus a conditioning boost that will moisturize, repair and fight frizz all in one step! Apply a few pumps into your palms then massage onto the scalp. Gently massage down the length of the hair and allow it to rest for a few minutes (when the conditioning happens!) before rinsing. Cleaning Condition is also perfect after a morning workout – it’s the only product you need in your gym bag!”


Extend your style! “Pureology Fresh Approach Dry Shampoo is the perfect product to keep your style looking brand-new. Lightly mist Fresh Approach all over your root area, allow to set for a minute then brush or run fingers through hair for an instant boost. Or, mist all over hair to add texture, support and color protection to a second day messy bun or braid.”




Effortless Style in 1-2-3 “Brush hair thoroughly then lightly mist Pureology Colour Stylist Strengthening Control zero dulling hairspray throughout for hold, heat protection, and shine. Create a few simple braids, then press over braids with a flat iron to lock in the texture. Allow the braid to cool then shake out for a “beachy or messy wave look”. Finish with a few bursts of Strengthening Control hairspray for extra hold and shine.”




Got curls? “Put aside the heat styling tools and embrace your natural texture! For perfectly conditioned curls, use Pureology Curl Complete Style + Care Infusion. This do-it-all product will control frizz, give crunch-free curl definition, soften hair, and enhance color and shine on all types of curls. Right out of the shower, scrunch hair with a towel to remove excess moisture, apply a quarter-size amount throughout hair and tousle with your fingers. Allow hair to air dry for that perfect frizz-free finish. Refresh your curls on days 2 and 3 by applying a small amount to sections of dry hair and smooth over with your palms to keep curls frizz-free.”



For more product and purchase information, to find a salon, book your next appointment or buy genuine Pureology products from your local salon, visit Pureology.com. Pureology is also available at Ulta and Beauty Brands.

Pureology’s hair “costumes” to steal the show this Halloween

Every October, the question heard ‘round the world becomes “What are you being for Halloween this year?”, with costumes always stealing all of the attention; however, a true enthusiast knows a costume is never complete without the proper costume hair and makeup! This Halloween season, make your “hair costume” the priority and the rest of will fall into place with ease. Follow Pureology Artist Ruth Roche’s below step-by-steps and make your hair the hit of your Halloween party this year.


Flo, the Progressive Insurance girl

Best on shoulder-length hair (if not, a wig can be styled the same way)

  1. Apply Colour Stylist Root lift spray mousse throughout damp hair, then blowdry using a round brush.
  2. Create a deep side part and back-comb the root area at the crown to create the volume.
  3. Smooth hair up and over the crown using the side of the brush, and the front over to one side.
  4. Place a blue headband just in front of the crown. Finish with Colour Stylist Supreme Control high hold hair spray for intense shine and super-strong hold.

Lucille Ball


Lucille Ball

  1. Apply Pure Volume Instant Levitation Mist on damp hair. Blow dry with a paddle brush to create a smooth finish.
  2. Brush hair up to the crown and create a ponytail. Smooth sides and back with the side of the brush and spray with Colour Stylist Strengthening Control zero dulling hairspray.
  3. Using a ½-inch curling iron or small rollers, set all of the hair in the ponytail, using smaller sections.
  4. Once the set is cool, break up the set using your fingers and pull curls forward. Secure curls in place using bobby pins.
  5. Finish with Colour Stylist Strengthening Control zero dulling hairspray for a hold that will last all night.

Kentucky Derby style with a twist from Pureology

The sundresses, the thoroughbreds, the hats and fascinators – there is an undeniable energy and elegance to the annual Kentucky Derby that reminds us of the thrill of dressing up and flaunting our finest. Whether you are heading to Louisville on May 2nd or will be toasting with your mint julep from afar, Pureology has the perfect hairstyles to match.


“Events like the Kentucky Derby call for elaborate hats, but the look can become too busy when the hair is worn down or if the hair is too textured. If you are going to wear it down, wear smooth waves all over to one side. This look is clean, beautiful, and does not distract from the hat,” says Pureology Artistic Ambassador Ruth Roche. “Wearing your hair in a side chignon, which sits to one side at the nape, is a beautiful and visible style to wear with a hat without distracting from the hat’s beauty. Another benefit is that the hair will still look great when you take off the hat. No hat hair!”


Please see below for step-by-steps from Pureology Artistic Ambassador Ruth Roche on creating a side chignon to pair with your Derby hat.


  1. Blow dry hair with Pureology Pure Volume Levitation Mist and a round brush to create volume and hold.
  2. Curl away from the face using a 1 ¼ inch barrel iron. Set style with Colour Stylist Strengthening Control zero dulling hairspray as you go.
  3. Create a side part, smooth over and around the head and create a sleek ponytail on one side at the nape.
  4. Apply a small amount of Colour Stylist Cuticle Polisher shine serum into your palm and rub palms together until the cream turns to a serum. Smooth over the entire surface of the hair except for the ponytail, which will create amazing shine.
  5. Twist ponytail all the way to the end, and hold on to the ends. Use your other hand to hold the hair close to the head as you wrap the twisted ponytail around the elastic.
  6. When you reach the ends, tuck them under the ‘bun’ you have created and secure with bobby pins.
  7. Spray with Colour Stylist Supreme Control high hold hairspray for a lasting hold.





Supreme-Control-EPS Strengthening-Control instant-levitation-mist


Oscars hair shines despite rain: styling tips and step-by-steps from Pureology

Last night’s rain on the red carpet of the 87th Academy Awards was neither invited nor avoidable, but that did not stop Hollywood’s favorite starlets from showcasing a wide array of looks that kept us on our toes. Award wins and gowns aside, the hair alone was enough to get viewers talking with looks ranging from dreadlocks to unexpected undercuts.

Below, Pureology Artists Sandra Joseph and Ruth Roche share their tips for recreating our favorite looks using Pureology. Pureology International Artistic Director Wendy Bélanger also shares tips on how to keep frizz at bay, even when unexpected downpours hit!



  • Get the look: Scarlett Johansson (provided by Pure Artist Ruth Roche)Scarlett Johansson
  1. Apply a small amount of Colour Stylist Anti-Split Blow Dry styling cream and using a round brush, blowdry top of hair smooth.
  2. Backcomb the roots to create a 1″ high cushion. Apply a pea-sized amount of Colour Stylist Cuticle Polisher shine serum to palms and style hair away from the face using your fingers. Finish with Colour Stylist Supreme Control high hold hair spray for colour-treated hair.
    1. If the hair is not undercut, take a horseshoe parting at the top and using vertical sections, lightly backcomb sections throughout the sides and back. Brush sides back, using tension to keep the hair very close to the head. Create a classic twist from the nape to the crown, and secure with bobby pins.
    2. On the top, twist and tuck the ends underneath at the back of the crown and secure with a bobby pin. Spray with Colour Stylist Strengthening Control zero dulling hairspray for added hold. Apply a small amount of Colour Stylist Cuticle Polisher shine serum into palms and smooth over sides and back to create a high shine.


  • Get the look: Gwyneth Paltrow (provided by Pure Artist Ruth Roche)Gwyneth Paltrow
  1. Blow dry hair smooth with Pureology Highlight Stylist Gold Definer contour shine-gel.
  2. Take ½” horizontal sections and starting in the nape, use a flat iron through each section to create maximum shine.
  3. Create a deep side part, and a large circular section at the crown. Clip circular section out of the way and smooth front and both sides around and back. Secure under the circle in the nape.
  4. Lightly backcomb the roots in the crown section and smooth the surface with a natural bristle brush.
  5. To finish, apply a small amount of Colour Stylist Cuticle Polisher shine serum to palms and smooth the surface.
  6. Finish with Colour Stylist Strengthening Control zero dulling hairspray for a lasting, flexible hold.


Margot Robbie

  • Get the look: Margot Robbie (provided by Pure Artist Sandra Joseph)
    1. Begin with a few mists of Pureology Colour Fanatic on damp hair to prime hair, protect colour and fight frizz.
    2. Apply a quarter-size amount of Colour Stylist Nourishing Nectar sculpting gel and blowdry with a large flat brush, wrapping hair around the head to create shape.
    3. When the hair is almost dry, add a small amount of Colour Stylist Anti Breakage Twist shine texturizer and layer throughout. Finish blowdrying with a large round brush to smooth cuticle and add extra bend.
    4. Create a right side part, tuck hair behind the ear and finish with Colour Stylist Density Definer medium hold crème wax to add separation and hold hair in place all evening.



  • Tips to keep the frizz and humidity away (provided by Pureology International Artistic Director Wendy Bélanger)
    1. Using a round brush, combine a dime-sized dollop of Pureology Super Smooth Relaxing Serum and a dime-sized dollop of Colour Stylist Lustrous Volumizer prior to blowdrying. The Super Smooth Relaxing Serum features a humidity-resistant technology that retains the moisture from your conditioner while repelling the humidity from the outside that would otherwise cause your blowout to collapse or create frizz. The Colour Stylist Lustrous Volumizer provides that added volume, hold and support needed for shape while simultaneously protecting hair from color damage or fading.


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