Valentine’s Nail Art From MARS The Salon

What a better way to celebrate Valentine’s day than to display your love at your fingertips! In honor of Valentine’s day, the team from MARS The Salon, Hollywood’s go-to nail salon, has put together the “Lots of Love” nail design. Featuring a pink heart drawn on top of a bright red base, this is the quintessential sign for this annual day of love.



Lots of Love by MARS The Salon


1.File and buff your nails to desired shape and length and apply two coats of red polish and let dry.

2.Using a precision art brush, create heart shape with light pink nail polish.

3.Using a precision art brush, fill in the inside of the heard shape with the light pink polish.

4.Finish your manicure with a clear top coat to seal and add shine.

Article Name
Valentine's Nail Art From MARS The Salon
Valentine's Nail Art From MARS The Salon