Siegel Suites Las Vegas Launches Resident Rewards Program

The Siegel Group Rewards Residents with Free Rent, Electronics, Apparel, Gift Cards and More


The Siegel Group, the largest provider of flexible stay apartments in Las Vegas has announced its newest innovation, Siegel Suites Rewards. The Siegel Group is known as industry leaders by evolving the marketplace for flexible-stay apartment living with their inventive “Live Here, Eat Free” promotion; a marketing campaign which drives residents of their Siegel Suites apartments to their local restaurants inside their hotel/casinos, Gold Spike Hotel & Casino and Siegel Slots & Suites. Today, The Siegel Group has launched another first in the industry with a resident rewards program called Siegel Suites Rewards. With this program The Siegel Group is offering a robust loyalty program with real world benefits providing better value for all their residents.

Siegel Suites Rewards is a multi-tiered program that allows residents the opportunity to earn points for paying their rent. Via the rewards program, residents can turn points into Free Rent, food, movies, electronics and more. The program is simple and efficient; all residents earn points when they pay their rent, or refer a friend to one of the 17 Siegel Suites apartment communities. Points are earned for every dollar that is spent on rent or any other ancillary expenditure. All Siegel Suites residents are provided with a personalized Siegel Suites Rewards Card, and when they make any payment, they just show the card and their account will be credited with points. After that, they simply log on to the Siegel Rewards exclusive website and begin their shopping experience using their Siegel Rewards points.


“We’re continuing to evolve and revolutionize the for-rent business model,” explains Ross Siegel, Director of Online Marketing & Web Operations for The Siegel Group. “With the Siegel Suites Rewards program we are offering something that no other apartment properties can offer; this is a proprietary program which has been a year in the making. As a business we’re increasing retention and brand loyalty, while most importantly creating an incredible added value for our customer. The feedback has been extraordinary. Our tenants love it, and the results have already shown. Since launching the program, we’ve seen our highest ever retention rate and occupancy percentage in our total portfolio.”

To learn more about the Siegel Suites Rewards program, please visit: or go to and click “Rewards.” You can also call: 888.422.1212.


About Siegel Suites
Siegel Suites ( is a trademarked brand utilized by The Siegel Group Nevada, Inc. to manage its flexible-stay residential communities. The Siegel Suites portfolio is one of the largest portfolios of residential communities in Las Vegas. In contrast to traditional apartment communities, Siegel Suites residents do not sign leases and are accepted as tenants regardless of their current credit standing. Siegel Suites provides residential accommodations with a host of amenities to tenants seeking short and long-term living arrangements, including fully furnished units, complimentary utilities and free Wi-Fi. With thousands of units throughout Nevada, Siegel Suites is quickly becoming the largest provider of multi-residential accommodations in the state.


About The Siegel Group
The Siegel Group, a Commercial Real Estate Investment & Business Development Company founded by Stephen Siegel with offices located in Las Vegas, Nevada and Studio City, California, specializes in the acquisition, disposition and development of under-performing, value-added real estate and businesses with significant turn-around potential. The company’s extensive expertise in the areas of operations, management, finance, marketing, branding, leasing, renovation, design, entitlements, construction, and redevelopment enable The Siegel Group to elicit an operational turnaround on the assets it acquires. These assets include a variety of businesses and a commercial real estate portfolio comprised of multi-residential apartment complexes, extended-stay, boutique resorts, hotel-casinos, retail, office, restaurant, bars, and nightclubs. For more information on The Siegel Group and its affiliates, visit the Company’s website at

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