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Nathan Nearman, Counter Intelligence Officer and Afghanistan Veteran, racks up years of dedicated military service with a new mission: to translate his life-long dreams into the tough business of making movies that deliver exciting entertainment with a commercial bang. Currently those dreams are exploding into reel reality with the launch of an original screenplay into film production that won movie trailer plaudits at the prestigious CincemaCon gathering of worldwide film makers and exhibitors at Caesars Hotel in Las Vegas.

Nebulae Entertainment has slated Nearman’s psychological fantasy thriller feature “The Janus Project” to begin film production in Utah on June 1st announced Steve Bown, Senior VP Sales and Marketing Nebulae Entertainment. “This is the first of sixteen films set to be produced in the coming years. Every film a different genre, every film original, every film will have the world fall in love with Hollywood again!”

“Budgeted at more than $30 million with a unique marketing strategy geared to attract further investor interest worldwide, the responses earned from veteran film industry leaders who visited with us in our hospitality suite at CinemaCon fed our hopes for the future”, Bown noted. “We respect tradition but by not being bound by it, our marketing innovations foreshadow a Hollywood wake-up buzz.”

Expanding on the unique marketing concept Nathan Nearman added “Nebulae Entertainment, teaming up with Dubli, will be selling tickets on our film website,, to the most anticipated film of the year for a proprietary pre-release viewing 24 hours prior to Theatrical Release. The film tickets go on sale prior to the production of the film in June. This web pre-release ticket sale has never been done in Hollywood. Our scope is for millions around the world, who are already lining up, to be a part of history. Tickets will be offered for 40 days, April 1st-May 10th 2014 for only $4 dollars. You can be among the first to see this original, exhilarating film before it hits theaters,” Nearman noted. “Seeing it on the web will also increase the incentive to see it again and again on the big screen as we continue to revolutionize how films do business.”

“We are confident this film will do more than $500M in theatrical sales due to saturation in global markets and an amazing storyline” he added. “The Janus Project” box office draw will be ignited through other multiple marketing and grassroots strategies planned to get more persons to the theaters. This, coupled with an app Nebulae will be unleashing worldwide in conjunction with the DVD/Blu-Ray release will continue to build momentum for the film’s success. Nearman continued, “We are also going to release the novel of ‘The Janus Project’ in conjunction with the films theatrical release. A sneak peek at the second installment of the film sequel will also be included in the theatrical release.”

Taking note of the current casting along with the business stats there is box office strategy ahead with major roles assigned to blockbuster soap stars Emily O’Brien and Adam Gregory.

The 3-times-Daytime Emmy Awards nominated Emily O’Brien was born in England. She is known for her role as Jana Hawkes Fisher on “The Young and the Restless”.

Adam Gregory, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, played Ty Collins in The CW’s “90210” and on CBS’ daytime soap “The Bold and the Beautiful” until late 2013 where fans hope he may re-appear. Ashley Tisdale featured Gregory in her music video “It’s Alright, It’s Ok.” Gregory and his wife Sheridan Nicole, celebrated the birth of their son Kannon Gregory, on January 8, 2013.

As co-stars in “The Janus Project” the charismatic and handsome duo lit up the screen in the exciting concept movie trailer exhibited during Spring 2014 CinemaCon. Film critic Judy Thorburn of “Las Vegas Round the Clock” magazine told the producers it was an edge-of-the-seat thriller, “The best movie trailer I have seen” in tribute to building expectations for the movie’s release.

Positive rumors have already begun surrounding additional casting for the film, including top stars. “The rich characters, multifaceted themes, and powerful original story are very attractive to Hollywood talent. In the coming weeks we will be approaching and attaching some big names” Brooke Bentley, casting director for the film stated. “This historic and original film calls to the right cast and we are very happy with how this film is coming together.”

Nebulae Entertainment notables include Mark Victor Hansen, who is best known as the founder and co-creator of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” and the co-author with Mark Allen of “Cracking the Millionaire Code”. Bob Nicoll, author of “Remember the Ice,” also joined the Nebulae team. “Nearman has built a team and company based on positive energy which fosters the most impressive creative ideas that are then turned into masterpieces for the world to enjoy. It is inspirational to see the process work,” added Nicoll’s.

Location shooting from June 1, 2014 takes place in Utah and at the Utah Valley University campus and multiple other locations in and around Salt Lake City. “Nebulae Entertainment has a first time exclusive to shoot here. The Utah Valley University environs are known for its year-round outdoor activities including hiking, camping, rock climbing, water and snow skiing, and canoeing. Against this stunning backdrop, the major feature film scene exteriors will be transformed into startling images of an ancient pre-Roman cult faction, a pre-cursor to the Illuminati with terrifying visuals of the secret society known as the Vera Ipsum Liani “Vii” interspersed with romantic and timely University campus drama,” noted Bown.

This will be the first big budget film shot entirely in Utah. “There are so many talented film makers in Utah and we have been waiting for a project like this for years. The Janus Project will not only revolutionize the world, but put Utah’s worthy film industry on the map where it belongs!” Tara Starling, 14-year make-up artist, emotionally stated.

Nearman’s ties to his military buddies in Afghanistan and around the world will pay tribute with funds allocated from Nebulae Entertainment and the strong line-up of films to philanthropic partners such as Final Honors., a non-profit organization supporting the families of non-survivors to honor their fallen and provide benefits and opportunities that are missed or not offered. “Nearman’s vision to bring great stories to life on the big screen and support worthy causes from revenues is one of many things that are attracting a lot of persons to Nebulae Entertainment” Greg Johnson, attorney for Nebulae Entertainment and Afghanistan veteran stated.

Principals at Nebulae Entertainment include: Nathan D. Nearman, CEO/CCO, Linda Bown, COO/Business Manager, Steve Bown, SVP of Marketing/Sales, Bob Nicoll, VP of Sales, Greg Johnson, Chief Legal Officer, Brooke Bentley, Executive Assistant/Casting, Dillon Graves, Social Media and Creative Director, Brei Hofeldt, Marketing Manager/ Social Networking, Savanna Lujan, Social Media and Blog Specialist and a creative team rounded out by Denver Harward, Sean Gooley, and Dennis Nearman.

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