BlackBox13, The Solid Suns, Payback by Proxy and Wax Pig Melting at Cheyenne Saloon – Friday June 7th


Friday, June 7th at The Cheyenne Saloon – BlackBox13, The Solid Suns, Payback By Proxy & Wax Pig Melting at The Cheyenne Saloon. RSVP so we know you are coming to the party!

$5 at the door, 21+ Doors 9pm, Music starts soon after.
Wax Pig Melting
Payback by Proxy
The Solid Suns

3103 N. Rancho Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89130
1 702.645.4139
Always open.

The Cheyenne Saloon is a bar and a popular venue for local bands. The live music
events begin at 9pm, after the crowds gather momentum. The place is a favorite
performing venue for heavy metal bands in Vegas. So, if you are looking for
a METAL evening, this is the place to be as the place gets pretty crowded
and noisy. The atmosphere is alive with energy with people coming in droves and
getting high on the music.


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