Circa Million V Professional Football Contest Awards $150,000 Pay out to the Second Quarter Winner



Circa Sports Shares New Winners and Updates for the World’s Largest Pro Football Betting Contests


Sports betting venture Circa Sports has awarded a $150,000 payout to the second quarter winner of its Circa Million V professional football contest. Contestant Maybach achieved a record of 21-4, earning the first place standing. Contestants NOMADS and WHALES BET tied for second place, each receiving $50,000 and finishing at 20-4-1. Additionally, five teams received payouts of $5,000 for finishing 20-5; STUDLEY (at The Pass in Henderson), JYD, GAMBINO, ZWEI BRUDER, and BIG DUMB ONE.

The second quarter booby prize of $25,000 was split between JWALKER21 and BATCH9, who each finished with a 4-21 record and both took home $12,500.

Two contestants, BIG DUMB ONE and WHALES BET, lead the Circa Million V full season standings in a tie for first place. Both contestants were awarded prizes in the second quarter and currently have a full season record of 33-11-1. They are followed by five entries with records of 32-11-2.

The worst season record so far of 11-34 is held by contestant COSTANTEENIE. The Circa Million V full season booby prize is set at $100,000.

In addition to Circa Million V, Circa Sports is also hosting its popular Circa Survivor professional football contest, offering a substantial $8 million payout to the last remaining entry. As week 10 begins, a total of 1,153 entries remain valid out of the initial 9,267 entries at the contest’s outset. The biggest loss this quarter was during week seven as Circa Sports saw 552 entries eliminated. Within the past week, 48 entries were eliminated from the contest.

For the 2023-2024 season, Circa Million V returned with a $6 million guarantee, while Circa Survivor’s pool was raised to $8 million.


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Circa Million V Professional Football Contest Awards $150,000 Pay out to the Second Quarter Winner
Circa Million V Professional Football Contest Awards $150,000 Pay out to the Second Quarter Winner