Jimmy Osmond: Where Is He Now? New Kids Book, Still Performing, Successful As Always


Jimmy is committed to children’s literacy and is doing his part to further the cause. He is also on the Board of the Children’s Miracle Network (, an organization started by his mother, which has to date raised more than $5 billion – most of it, one dollar at a time — for 170 children’s hospitals across the United States and Canada, which, in turn, use the money where it’s needed the most. And, of course, he is a world famous recording artist and performer who touches audiences worldwide.

As the father of four children, he has put his commitment to literacy to work. In his fun new children’s book, “Awesome Possum Family Band” (Regnery Kids; 2014; $16.99), world famous recording artist and performer Jimmy Osmond shares his personal quest of finding his special place in his family’s band, The Osmonds. Jimmy’s character, Possum Number Nine, sets off to discover his special musical talent when the Awesome Possum Family Band receives an invitation to make their big showbiz break on TV. Possum Number Nine uncovers many talents he doesn’t have before discovering his own. With love and patience, Mother Possum encourages Number Nine to dig deep within himself and “practice, practice practice” to find what he truly loves and make his dream come.

There are some big messages Jimmy hopes readers of all ages take away from his book. He says, “As I looked at my life, I realized that my parents had given me the ability to feel that everyone has a part to play. In today’s world, you see a lot of kids that are lost and don’t realize how much potential they have, so I hope this book can in some small way encourage kids to go for their dreams.” You can visit him online at, and you’ll find his publisher at http:///


Author Information

Jimmy Osmond is a multi-faceted entrepreneur, who has obtained success both on and off stage. Through his vast experience and knowledge in the entertainment industry, he has produced and promoted record breaking world-wide concert tours, ice extravaganzas, a variety of commercials and coordinated celebrity commercial endorsements.

Before the age of 15, Jimmy had developed and supervised most of the Osmonds’ merchandising business. Soon after, he launched a successful advertising agency that handled production services and campaigns for larger corporations, such as Yamaha and Coca-Cola, as well as an elite portfolio of other high profile clients. Also, during this same time, he starred in his first motion picture entitled “The Great Brain” and went on to star in two award winning episodes of the TV show “Fame”; and, starred in his own show to sell-out crowds in Madison Square Garden. You can read a review of his recent UK Royal Concert Hall show here:

Book Information:

Awesome Possum Family Band
Regnery Kids

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