Mi Casa Grill Cantina in the Silverton Casino Hotel ~ Review

The city of Las Vegas has a hidden gem in the Silverton Casino Hotel. It’s the Mi Casa Grill Cantina. If you like Mexican food like does then you should definitely try Mi Casa Grill Cantina. We were invited to partake in their south-of-the border cuisine and gladly accepted. Our family was warmly greeted and taken to a luxurious table with very comfortable seating. We were brought water and menus right away by waiter Cameron and his assistant and ordered our drinks.

Mi Casa Grill Cantina is known for their assortment of tequilas and margaritas but as always we were happy to drink soft drinks, iced tea and lemonade. It was then that Chef Earl came out and introduced himself. The chef was super nice, told us a little about himself, the restaurant and then made some recommendations for our dining experience. While we were waiting for the appetizers we enjoyed the tortilla chips and salsa. The chips were warm and tasty and all three of the salsa’s were very good. The chef even made us some extra hot habanero salsa that had an incredible smoky taste and an intense inferno of heat afterwards. We like it hot, that’s for sure. Our chicken taquitos and avocado fries arrived and these were some great appetizers. The avocado fries were unique in the texture and flavor and the accomanying chipotle ranch was awesome.

For dinner we ordered the Rancho Del Sur bistro steak and shrimp and the De Pollo Asado from the specialties menu. We also ordered the carne asada tacos and beef fajitas. Chef Earl brought us out some us some especial pork/poblano com papa tamales that were beyond fantastic. My steak was juicy and tender and the shrimp had a wonderful sauce in it. The two worked well together and made for a great meal. The De Pollo Asado plate had the most tender chicken my son had ever eaten and lots of it. He kept raving that it was unlike any chicken plate he had ever eaten. The carne asada tacos were my daughters choice and she said they were great with lots of special sauce and juicy tender carne asada meat.. Judy said the fajitas were sizzling hot! The meat and vegetables were done to perfecion. The whole meal was wonderful! All the dinner portions were huge and the meals looked just as good as they tasted.

For dessert we decided to share the Helado Frito fried ice cream and the chef recommended the Mi Casa Bananas. We should have ordered more as the fried ice cream was sooooo good that my daughter would barely let us get near it. It was OK though because the banana signature dessert was out of this world and my wife, son and I loved it. My son and I capped off the ultimate dining experience with some coffee and then we just sat there for a bit completely stuffed with some of the best Mexican food we have ever eaten. That’s saying something for a family that has been out West for over 30 years.

We really enjoyed the way that Chef Earl took a traditional Mexican menu and put his own special spin on it to make it a unique and tantalizing dining experience. He has been very successful doing that at the Silverton restaurants and other Vegas eateries previously. We actually spent quite a while talking with the chef and found out a lot about him and his culinary strategies. Not only is he a great chef he is someone you want to get to know more and consider to be a friend.

So we found the hidden gem and it won’t be long before every one in Vegas finds it too. So get over there and tell Chef Earl that sent ya’.

Reveiw done by Jay Reppart










Las Vegas, Nevada Mexican Restaurant – Mi Casa Grill Cantina at Silverton Casino Hotel

Savor Las Vegas, Nevada’s best Mexican food at Mi Casa Grill Cantina at Silverton Casino Hotel. Mi Casa Grill Cantina serves up delicious Mexican border classics and signature favorites – everything from spicy Las Vegas fajitas to tamales and ceviche. Home to one of Vegas’ most extraordinary tequila menus; enjoy it all with any one of the 65 tequilas served at Mi Casa Grill Cantina.

Las Vegas Mexican Restaurant Hours

Monday – Thursday : 4pm – 9pm

Friday and Saturday : 11am – 10pm

Sunday : 11am – 9pm

The cantina stays open 1 hour after the restaurant and kitchen closes.


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