New Children’s Series Helps Kids Cope with Illness

the great katie kate

The Great Katie Kate Series
By M. Maitland DeLand, M.D.

Cancer? Diabetes? Asthma?

When a child is diagnosed with an illness, they are thrust into an adult world of doctor’s appointments, blood tests, x-rays and injections. As a radiation oncologist, Dr. M. Maitland DeLand has spent her career treating children and knows firsthand that fear and anxiety are just par for the course. But Dr. DeLand also wanted to do something that would help kids feel less alone as they struggle to cope with their new diagnosis, which is why she came up with The Great Katie Kate series.

The three-book series includes The Great Katie Kate Tackles Questions About Cancer, The Great Katie Kate Discusses Diabetes, and The Great Katie Kate Offers Answers About Asthma (coming June 2013). The main character, Katie Kate, is a young superhero who takes readers step-by-step through the treatment process in a way that makes it less frightening for children. The Great Katie Kate becomes a child’s best friend and advocate while they navigate their treatments.

“As a practicing physician for thirty years and single mother to two children, I have learned that children have a natural curiosity and a resilience that often surprises adults,” Dr. DeLand says. “Children want and need clear explanations and straight answers to gain a sense of control over their own lives. By reading the books in The Great Katie Kate series, parents and caregivers can present a standard message about illness that is both educational and reassuring.”

Along with providing detailed and kid-friendly information about each disease covered by The Great Katie Kate series, the books also offer:

  • Fun illustrations that will engage children of all ages
  • How treatment for asthma, diabetes, and cancer works
  • Techniques for how to beat the “worry wombat”
  • A relatable superhero who can communicate with kids on their level
  • Fun adventures, with a touch of magic

“I’m a doctor but I’m also a single mother of two,” Dr. DeLand explains. “My kids have endured significant medical issues including epilepsy, diabetes and asthma. So I know, from a parent’s perspective, what it’s like watching your children go through these difficult situations. My hope is that The Great Katie Kate series will help both parents and children better understand and cope with their illnesses.”

M. Maitland DeLand, M.D. is a radiation oncologist, specializing in the treatment of cancer in women and children. One of the leaders in her field and the president, CEO, and owner of OncoLogics, Inc., a group of clinical cancer practices throughout Louisiana, Dr. DeLand serves as chairman of the Health Education Authority of Louisiana and a member of the Professional Advisory Board. She has dedicated her career to helping her patients and their families lead balanced and rewarding lives.

The Great Katie Kate series is available on,, and through most major booksellers. For more information, visit

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