New DISCOVERY Lab Brings Innovative, Hands-on Makerspace to DISCOVERY Children’s Museum


New DISCOVERY Lab Brings Innovative, Hands-on Makerspace to DISCOVERY Children’s Museum

DISCOVERY Lab stimulates exploration and risk-taking through open-and-guided workspaces featuring a laser cutter, 3-D printers, a pottery space, sculpting, woodworking and more

DISCOVERY Children’s Museum’s introduces DISCOVERY Lab, its newest creative space featuring first-of-its-kind programming that challenges visitors to create a product from start to finish through engineering-oriented pursuits related to electronics, robotic, coding, 3-D printing, metalworking, pottery, sewing, arts and more. The new space, opening on Saturday, Feb. 16, encourages a creative thinking process where children become the creators, builders and shapers of their curiosities by drawing on a “Do-It-Yourself” mindset while learning practical skills and using them creatively.


“DISCOVERY Lab is a place where our visitors can create something meaningful and share it with others. The new space challenges children and families to build and create using real tools and inquiry-based learning.,” said CEO of DISCOVERY Children’s Museum, Melissa Kaiser. “We wanted to offer a permanent gallery that was dedicated to the concept of making, which is exactly what DISCOVERY Lab is. Willingness to try something new requires patience, dedication and practice. We encourage failure as an important part of the learning process.”


The new makerspace offers a vibrant learning environment through two workspace areas comprised of high-tech and no-tech activities. The open-making workspace is a self-guided experience open daily to visitors. The workspace features raw design materials and resources for circuitry, sewing, sculpting, painting and more. The guided-making workspace is a facilitated workshop experience led by DISCOVERY staff or “Makers” from the community. The guided-area offers cutting-edge technology through a state-of-the-art computer lab featuring coding and CAD software. In addition, the guided-area has an adjoining workspace with a laser cutter, 3-dimensional printers and a kiln where visitors can see their creations come to life. Guided workshops are available on weekends.


DISCOVERY Lab’s open-making and guided-making approaches teach the ability to adapt to changing circumstances and conflict. In addition, DISCOVERY Lab offers daily presentations featuring Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematical (STEAM) learning. Visitors can participate in a variety of opportunities throughout the year with interactive demonstrations and summer camp experiences.


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About DISCOVERY Children’s Museum

Established in 1984, DISCOVERY Children’s Museum is the top interactive museum in the Las Vegas Valley, welcoming children and families to explore three entire floors packed with heart-pumping, brain-boosting, curiosity-satisfying fun, adventure and discovery. Opening its doors in March 2013 as a nonprofit educational institution in Symphony Park, DISCOVERY serves as Las Vegas’ only children’s museum spanning across 26,000 square feet of interactive and educational hands-on exhibits. The 3-story museum is complete with nine exhibition galleries featuring immersive traveling exhibitions, daily programs, demonstrations and activities and collaborative cultural programming for all occasions. DISCOVERY Children’s Museum offers children the opportunity to explore their dearest curiosities while addressing the core educational areas of science and nature, art and culture and early childhood development.


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Article Name
New DISCOVERY Lab Brings Innovative, Hands-on Makerspace to DISCOVERY Children’s Museum
New DISCOVERY Lab Brings Innovative, Hands-on Makerspace to DISCOVERY Children’s Museum