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REFLEKT SKINCARE makes high-quality skincare products that create radiant, healthy, clear and glowing skin at an affordable price. REFLEKT 1 hydrating cleansing facial scrub is the first product of the line – it is a luxurious natural bead exfoliant that polishes, refines and rinses clean leaving skin hydrated, supple and luminous.


Use REFLEKT 1 hydrating cleansing facial scrub to minimize fine lines and wrinkles, prevent breakouts, avoid ingrown hairs from shaving, ensure maximum penetration of anti-aging serum and cream, and create a smooth canvas for self-tanning. REFLEKT 1 delivers clear radiant skin for teenagers through maturity for both men and women.  Beads are natural, gentle and environmentally friendly.

It’s an exfoliant that deep cleans, yet it does not leave skin tight and dry because it has hydrating properties.

Reflekt Skincare

Directions: Wet face and hands and pour a quarter-size dollop of scrub on the tips of fingers.  Gently massage entire face and neck using circular motions.  Rinse thoroughly with tepid water, towel dry and follow with serum and cream.  Use daily AM and PM.  Works on all skin types.  Retail Price: $50 for 200ml/6.76 oz.


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REFLEKT SKINCARE is a masstige brand for people who want healthy beautiful skin. Products are technologically advanced to deliver prestige benefits at an affordable price and are numbered in the order of use to promote clear radiant skin. Website:; Facebook: @reflektskincare; Instagram: @reflektskincare; Twitter: @reflektskincare; YouTube: @reflektskincare; Share:


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REFLEKT SKINCARE Cleansing Scrub #Reflektskincare #HowDoYouReflekt #freshface #beauty
REFLEKT SKINCARE Cleansing Scrub #Reflektskincare #HowDoYouReflekt #freshface #beauty

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