Summer Reading: Combining a Touch of Sci-Fi With an Episode of “All My Children”

Blind Revenge


The conspiracies of cloning
Author looks at the ethics of genetic manipulation in new sci-fi thriller


What if your dad decided to clone your sister in an evil plot to steal away your inheritance?
In Blind Revenge, author Bob Tait uses his background of biology and genetics to bring to life the social implications of such science.

This sci-fi thriller follows Julian Reichert, the single heir to a cattle empire, and the uncovering of his father’s diabolical plan to take it away. Throughout the book, Tait exposes the true consequences of genetic manipulation and challenges the reader to an ethical debate by blending controversial topics of genetic cloning and killing kin for self-gain.

“The ability to manipulate human development through genetic engineering raises a lot of ethical and social questions,“ says Tait. “There needs to be a balance between utilizing the worlds massive national resources, while preserving and protecting the environment and family.”

Blind Revenge will leave the reader wondering if personal desires and science can truly ruin a family.

Blind Revenge
By Bob Tait
ISBN: 978-1-4759-7210-8
Pages: 452
Price: $24.95
Available at, , and

About the author
Garland Robert (Bob) Tait was born and raised in Mt. Carmel, Utah and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from California State University, Northridge and a master’s degree in Educational Administration from California State University, San Bernardino. Tait has a rich background in teaching biology and genetics. He currently is retired and lives in Phelan, Calif. with his wife.

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