Holiday Makeover in Five Easy Steps

Holiday Makeover in Five Easy Steps

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The holidays are just around the corner and you have it all under control. Holiday cards –check! Holiday cuisine – check, check! Holiday décor- check, check, check! Holiday you? You forgotabout that detail, didn’t you? No worries – we have you covered. With these five makeover tips, you can be your fashionable festive self just in time for mistletoe kissing, candle lighting and ball dropping – from head to jingling toe.

Sometimes all that you need to lift your whole face is a new hair color, cut and the right products to maintain your ‘look dujour’. A quick fix that takes you from hum-drum to holiday hottie and who better to get advice from than Matrix Celebrity Hairstylist & Colorist and Stylist to the Stars George Papanikolas. “I usually tell women to do their color 1-2 weeks before any big social event. That way the color has a chance to settle in, and there is enough time to do any corrections if they are needed. If you have grey hair, then it should be touched up a few days before the holidays, so that there is no regrowth under the mistletoe. Using Biolage Advanced Keratindose system a few days before your soiree will help hydrate hair, and give maximum shine. The day of you will want to use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner like Volume Bloom. This offers hair maximum fullness and keeps even the tips of your hair in festive form.”

Fresh faced and youthful ponytails were seen ALL over the runway this past Fashion Week. To achieve this look (sans the hair tie), Dr. Philip Miller of Gotham Plastic Surgery in Manhattan took the concept of a taut, smooth appearance a pony tail creates, and made it permanent with the cutting-edge procedure the Ponytail Lift. The minimally invasive procedure is virtually pain-free,takes less than an hour in the office, is performed under local anesthesia and is designed to mimic the improved appearance that comes with pulled back hair. The Ponytail Lift is quick, safe, and requires very little downtime. “We see a heightened number of consultations with females who want to erase the early signs of aging during the holiday season. Women in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and beyond are coveting that fresh face look – now we can help achieve this soft, natural appearance just in time for their bustling holiday social schedules.”

You can wear white after labor day, when you wear it on your teeth. Get your mouth kiss ready with a white-bright-over. A quick way to shine for the holidays is to bleach those teeth. Whether you purchase a whitening kit from your local drugstore (which can take 2-3 weeks to lift a few shades) or professional dentist whitening session (which can take just one hour for full refull results) – your teeth are your best accessory for the season – so take good care of them.

Though in-office whitening treatments can be done in just one hour, Dr. Frank DiCicco of CentralPark South Dentistry in New York City recommends planning ahead and having the treatment done way before scheduled events. “There is a chance for minor tooth and gum sensitivity directly after treatment, so I encourage my patients to have the procedure performed in advance of a major event, to avoid any ‘zingers’ hitting at the wrong time.”

So many of us GAIN weight over the holidays…and work to lose it after the new year. Change the yo-yo cycle and start your diet now, so you have the body you covet FOR the holidays (and make a NEW resolution for 2015). With the help of a registered medical professional you can lose up to one pound a day sticking to the HCG diet.

The HCG Weight Loss program was pioneered in 1954 when British endocrinologist Dr. Simeons found that a low calorie, high protein diet combined with low-level HCG injections led to the ideal result: loss of fat, not lean tissue. The use of low levels injections of HCG stimulates the body to burn fat and effectively resets the part of the brain that controls hunger and the metabolism. “The final result,” says Margaret A. Romero NP-C, founder and owner of, “is that patients successfully shed significant weight they previously were unable to lose. Women especially love this program because of its sculpting effects just in time to fit into that slinky holiday dress.”

No makeover is complete without a new holiday wardrobe to strut your ‘new self’ in. Now you can look good AND feel good by purchasing with companies that donate a percentage of profit to charity. Charity consignment boutiques, like, offer deeply discounted designer deals and support philanthropic causes such as St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Autism Speaks and Toys for Tots – and they usually ship within one business day (which means your holiday goodies will make it to you before Santa comes down your chimney).

Check, check, check, check, CHECK! Now go have yourself a fabulous holiday season!

Reserve Me Some of THAT…

What do you get when you mix 5 New York City men, a roomful of instruments, a distinctly unique sound, a passion for music and, oh, did I mention five very handsome men already? What you have is the Manhattan based indie band Reserved for Rondee…an exhilarating rock-melodic treat for your soul. If you are looking for the hottest addition to the NYC music scene – look no further.

Reserved for Rondee is quickly rising the ranks as of one of New York City’s most beloved emerging bands…selling out at venues like the Lower East Side’s famed Arlene’s Grocery and Mercury Lounge. And though they might be sophomore in their number of years as a “band”, there is nothing juvenile about the sound they produce when they take to the stage. With inspiration that draws from “…classic artists like Led Zeppelin, the Beatles, U2 and contemporary artists like the White Stripes, the Black Keys and Arcade Fire, Reserved for Rondee blends imagination and style into a mystic rock journey”.  And they deliver on that…and then some.

Comprised of soap opera vets, guitarist Billy Magnussen and bassist Tom Degnan (whom you no doubt eyed on As the World Turns and One Life to Live), front man Trevor Vaughn, guitarist Nick Fokas and drummer Warren Hemenway – this group of artists is just as diverse as the music that emanates from deep within them. RFR delivers a variety of tunes, drenched in emotion and passion, wrapped up with a bow in a theatrical attention-getting performance; one that keeps you transfixed for the entire set.  The only complaint from the fans (including me!) – we want MORE.

Now you can help Reserved for Rondee  expand their musical portfolio by pledging to their “Kickstarter” fundraising platform. Pledge one dollar or one thousand, but help them meet their financial goal by May 25, 2012, so they kick it in the studio and keep the music alive for us all to enjoy…and in my case do a little more “Jersey headbanging” to. CLICK HERE TO PLEDGE NOW!

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