Tyson The Cat Declares Himself Feline Ambassador Of Hearts Alive Village Las Vegas



Hearts Alive Village Encourages the Las Vegas Community to Help with Fundraising Campaign


Hello Las Vegas, it is I, Tyson the cat. I am pleased to declare myself Feline Ambassador of Hearts Alive Village Las Vegas, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded to help save animals from losing their lives in an overcrowded shelter system. Currently, I am partnering with Hearts Alive Village to raise funds for the homeless animals right here in Las Vegas, as well as awareness for the millions of homeless animals across the globe. With a $50k match on the table, now is the perfect time for everyone to join the fight and save an animal’s life.

Years ago, I was taken to the shelter. After months of trying to find the right home, I was labeled as an “un-adoptable animal,”. My future was looking pretty bleak until my magnificent father, Howard, gave me a second chance. Because of my early life, my father and I are now committed to helping other cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, and more get a second chance at a happy life. This month, we are teaming up with Hearts Alive Village for our biggest fundraising campaign yet to help all my animal friends in need of a forever home.

“The Hearts Alive Village team is fully committed to finding the best homes for all their animals in need, which is why I am honored to partner with them for this campaign. There are so many incredible animals like Tyson who deserve great homes but often aren’t given a fair chance. I know that we can help these animals find their forever home if we do this together,” said Howard Ash, animal welfare philanthropist and the best cat-dad.

As Feline Ambassador, it is my job to help spread awareness and persuade the people of Las Vegas to donate. Currently, Hearts Alive Village is home to 200 cats and 50 dogs. To house and take care of just one animal, it costs the shelter $30 per day. To help raise money and awareness, my dad Howard has offered to match up to $50,000. Now all we need is your help!

“We are so grateful for Tyson and Howard’s continued support for Hearts Alive Village Las Vegas. When we take an animal into our rescue, we are committed to finding them a new home, whether it takes 1 day, 1 month, or even 1 year,” said Christy Stevens, Founder and Executive Director of Hearts Alive Village. “The generous contributions of Howard and the entire community will help us save so many animals. Through this fundraising campaign, our hope is to help fight against Las Vegas’ homeless animal crisis and find forever homes for some of our incredible rescue animals.”

Let’s make history by giving all my animal friends a chance to find a home. To join our fight against the increasing number of homeless animals, please donate here:

About Hearts Alive Village
Hearts Alive Village Las Vegas (HAVLV) is a 501(c)3 organization whose mission is to nurture a compassionate society where animals are supported both in their homes and on their journey to find a home. The multidimensional organization provides a variety of programs including; Kendall’s Kupboard, a pet food pantry, and Charlie Mike, a program that supports veterans and their pets, providing access to resources like training, financial assistance for veterinary costs, temporary boarding, and more. Programs also include the Foster & Adoption Program where strays, animals acquired from shelters, and owner surrenders are placed in foster homes until forever homes are secured. The Humane Education program delivers information in a fun way to kids about pet ownership, safety, and empathy. The Pet Supplies retail location offers new and gently used pet items such as toys, beds and more. Hearts Alive Village also operates a low-cost wellness clinic offering the highest-quality veterinary services including spay and neuter, microchipping, surgeries, vaccinations, wellness visits, geriatric care, deworming, and more.

For more information about HAVLV or to make a donation, adopt a pet, or volunteer, please call 702-885-4309, visit or follow on Instagram @heartsaliveanimalrescue and Facebook at Hearts Alive Village Las Vegas.


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Tyson The Cat Declares Himself Feline Ambassador Of Hearts Alive Village Las Vegas
Tyson The Cat Declares Himself Feline Ambassador Of Village Las Vegas