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Glen Alex Of The Massage Advantage Works With Players At BNP Paribas Open

BNP tennis tournament is the most-attended WTA Premier and ATP World Tour Masters 1000 in the world


Glen Alex, owner of The Massage Advantage and Certified Licensed Massage Therapist, travels to Indian Wells, CA for the seventh consecutive year, to serve as a premier massage therapist for players in the BNP Paribas Open, March 2-16, 2014.


Alex will bring more than a decade of experience in working with professional athletes to the tournament, and has recently traveled with the Bryan Brothers, who are the number one doubles team in the history of tennis. She has also served as their personal massage therapist for more than three years.


At the BNP Paribas Open, Alex will work directly with the tournament training staff to ensure players are operating at the highest level of performance. “I do treatments for the players that can range anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour, said Glen Alex, owner of The Massage Advantage. “Sports massage involves detail work on specific muscles, which requires anatomical knowledge and an intuitive understanding of the body and allows me to provide highly skilled treatments for my clients. I also utilize Kinesio Taping® in my office to facilitate recovery from injury.”


All of the massage treatments utilized during the tournament along with Kinesio Taping® can also be performed at The Massage Advantage office, located at 8751 W Craig Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89117.


The Massage Advantage (TMA) provides more than just massage therapy, Glen Alex’s training and intuitive understanding of the body allow her to provide individualized and highly skilled treatments for clients. Glen Alex is the owner of The Massage Advantage (TMA) and is a certified and licensed massage therapist, a Kinesio Taping® Practitioner, and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Alex attended the University of Houston where she received her Masters of Social Work. She then graduated from Dahan Institute of Massage Studies.  Alex’s goal as a massage therapist is to facilitate the body’s inherent ability to repair, relax, and rejuvenate itself. TMA’s niche is sports with a therapeutic slant. Alex has worked with many professional athletes including tennis players, boxers, wrestlers, and basketball players. Her experiences also extend to working with recreational athletes who participate in a variety of sports and physical activities.  For more information, please visit